Ghana Water Must Be Up And Doing


Early this year, the President John Dramani Mahama, commissioned the Kpong water supply expansion project that was expected to provide water to communities, such as Adenta, Madina, Ashaley Botwe, East Legon, etc.

Some of these areas have not seen water follow through their pipes for many years, it was, therefore, a relief to them, as for the first time they will also enjoy the benefit of having portable water in their homes.

Because of the non-availability of water, coupled with the construction works that has gone on in some of these areas, some of the pipes that were laid over the years got destroyed, dug out or broken.

And so when the pipe was turned on to have the water flow into homes, it was no surprise to find that in most of the areas in these communities, water gushing out freely into the open gutters.

We should have anticipated that this was going to happen, but as it is said better late than never, we might have lost millions of gallons of water, but we can salvage what is left to ensure that it reaches the intended beneficiaries.

Many times, one comes across such a situation and you are left wondering who to call. Unlike the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), which has a call centre and responds promptly to complaints of customers, sometimes with follow up calls to find out if the situation has been rectified, Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) does not have one and even if they do, it is not as effective as that of the ECG.

Residents and by extension Ghanaians, want to help the GWCL to give them better service, but they can only do that if GWCL help them.

ECG published the customer care number in both print and electronic media; the number is also so easy to memorize. Their various district offices are also helping to attend to customers, as often times, a caller is given the mobile number of the district engineer of ECG, who will take your complaints and dispatch his officers to your area to fix the problem.

Last week, when the Public Utility and Regulatory Authourity (PURC), announced an increase in utility tariffs, GWCL, was crying that the increment was not enough, we think although that is true, if they can reduce the losses they currently incur in transmitting the water, it will go a long way to reduce their cost of production.

They should establish a call centre and make it as effective as that of the ECG.

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