Ghana Not Ready For Election Of MMDCEs


Various arguments have been advanced for the election or not of District and Municipal Executives, since multi-party politics, when we ushered in the 1992 democratic dispensation.

The arguments will go on until we reach a point where, those advocating for their election, will win the argument, but until then, we think it is too early in our current dispensation to have our District Chief Executives and Municipal Chief Executives elected.

We are too partisan in our approach to issues, in this country; we are more divided along party lines, than tribal. We are all witnesses of the happenings around the country of how DCEs and MCEs are chased out of office by foot soldiers of political parties who feel the DCE or MCE is not playing ball with them.

Have those advocating for their election, stopped for a moment to think about what will happen to a DCE or MCE, who do not belong to a political party in power, if foot soldiers can unleash terror on DCEs or MCEs, who share their political affiliation, what about someone, they think is
working against their party or government.

The ideal situation is to have our local leaders elected, but the realistic situation is that, we are not there yet. Democracy is an ongoing process, we will get there one day, those who sit on radio and talk as though, governance is a tea party, must rather use their medium to educate
people on the various roles of the various arms of government.

Talk is cheap; we cannot talk away all our problems, without first appreciating who we are and what we value. Any research any day, asking Ghanaians whether their DCEs or MCEs must be elected, will conclude with overwhelming Ghanaians saying, we should vote for them.

Do the same Ghanaians have the patience and temperament to understand what a DCE or MCE, can or cannot do, the answer is no.

What we need to do first, by educating the people, and not rushing to put the cart before the horse, will be a recipe for disaster.

No well-meaning Ghanaian, will be against electing our DCEs and MCEs, but that is not what is important now, what is important is getting the people to know the type of government we practice.

Members of Parliament (MPs), are under a lot of pressure, because their constituents don’t know why they elect them, do we want to inflict the same pain on our DCEs and MCEs?

Should we elect our DCEs and MCEs, sure, but the timing is very wrong.

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