Ghana Needs More Independent Power Purchasers To Rival ECG –Energy Policy Analyst


Source: Ghana |

Energy Policy Consultant, John Peter Amewu, says it is time another bulk power purchaser is brought in to rival Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).
He believes this would go a long way to bring about some competition in the sector to improve service quality.

Some analysts believe the current load shedding program has come about because of the lack of competition in the sector.

Speaking on JOY FM’s business and analysis program , BUSINESS TRENDS on Wednesda, Mr. Amewu said ECG will sit up if consumers are given the option to chose their providers.

“It is done in many developed regimes, in the UK for instance you decide where you take your power from”, he said.

He is convinced until consumers have options to choose from, ECG will not live up to expectation.

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