Ghana Medical Association Not Above The Law


The Ghana Medical Association (GMA), should not insult the sensibilities of Ghanaians by their condemnation of the Ministry of Health (MoH) for instituting measures to get justice for an innocent woman who have lost her baby.

These sorts of hypocritical behavior of see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil attitude of defending members at all cost is associated with politicians, not a professional body like the GMA.

If there are any criminal syndicate within their Association that is depriving some families of their bundle of joy, why must we all just sit down and fold our arms, because they are doctors and nurses?

The directive by the Ministry is not to all the doctors and nurses at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), but to a nurse and a doctor, who are in the middle of the raging controversy about the missing baby.

By this action of GMA, are they telling all Ghanaians that they support the omission of these two persons who are bringing the name of the enviable profession into disrepute.

Sadly, since the news of the missing baby broke, we did not hear them adding their voice to calls by millions of Ghanaians to investigate this matter to its logical conclusion. If they have been proactive, perhaps, they could have taken charge of the situation to do an in-house investigation to prevent the issue from assuming the heights it did.

Nobody is above the law in this country. The GMA is a professional Association with its members under the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry had given a directive, so they should let us be.

Which Association will fight for Suweiba, who had lost her baby? Let us all learn to appreciate the fact that we are each other’s keeper.

The GMA, must advice its members to be above reproach, the negligence is becoming one too many. Ghanaians are getting tired of them, if they do not up their game, one day, we, the people will also tell them that they are doctors, because it was our taxes that was used to train them.

This is the same Association, whose immediate past President, had the effrontery to tell Ghanaians that “People die anyway”, so they don’t value human lives, but for Suweiba she needs her baby dead or alive.

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