Ghana Has Lost A Gem


It said that bad news sells, and indeed the death of one of the illustrious sons of this country, Prof. Kofi Awonnor is going to make news in the days ahead.

How he died is something that would engage Ghanaians and Africa for some time to come.

Africa is a special place because of our diversity, why religion that is supposed to be a source of hope and strength for the weak and destitute in society has become a medium through which dastardly acts are committed against innocent people.

We cannot all belong to one religion that is impossible, God who created heaven and earth and has dominion over everything, if it was his wish or commandment that we all belong to one religion that would have come to pass.

Tolerance is what people lack that was why they could go to the extent of killing people because they do not share in the same faith.
Ghana, Africa and the world has lost a great asset. Prof. Awonor has carried the flag of his beloved country high. His selfless dedication to
this country cannot be underestimated.

His literary work and his dedication to academic work has earned him and this country many accolades.
The country has lost an iroko tree, his family a son, father, brother and uncle.

His death would be in vain, if the perpetrators behind this senseless massacre of innocent people are not brought to justice.

We at the Herald are saddened by his death, because he was one of our ardent readers, who always call to commend us and also criticize us when he thinks we haven’t done well. The Herald was his reference point for news. We will miss you Prof.

We wish we could still rely on your good counsel as we strive to do better, but that is not to be.
Our prayers are with the country and his family.

God knows best and sometimes good people die, so that the right things are done.

The atrocities committed by the Alshabab Militant are becoming too many. Africa is becoming a safe haven for these terrorists. Our leaders must wake up, before things get out of hand. Nobody is safe.

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