Ghana Is The Victor Not NDC – General Mosquito


By Alfred K Dogbey

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has described the party’s victory as “neither an NDC victory nor NPP defeat”, but “a Ghanaian success”.

General Secretary of the ruling party, Johnson Asiedu-Nketia, in a press statement copied The Herald said, “it is very refreshing to note that having listened to all arguments from all parties to the case, and examined all the evidence presented, the nine judges of the supreme court also arrived at the inevitable conclusion – that we won the 2012 general election”.

Mr. Asiedu-Nketia, affectionately called “General Mosquito,” according to him, “the Supreme Court is but only a validation of what we already knew and strongly believed as the true outcome of the last elections, and reflection of the will of the people”.

Prior to issuing the statement yesterday, the NDC General Secretary, had addressed jubilant party supporters who gathered at the party’s headquarters in Accra, after the historic election petition has been dismissed by the justices.

“General Mosquito’s statement said “like the 2012 elections itself, the victory we have just achieved at the Supreme Court is victory for democracy”.

“The NDC wishes to urge all Ghanaians, irrespective of our political, religious, social and economic background, to seize the moment and, celebrate this collective achievement with a common sense of purpose, and look into the future with a justifiable sense of pride”, he said.

“ In the last eight months we have collectively demonstrated a resolve to internalize and abide by our democratic principles, and resolved to solve all our differences through the process we have designed for ourselves as part of our constitutional democracy” , According to Mr. Asiedu Nketia stated.

While consoling the nation, the NDC scribe noted “there is an end to litigation and it is the hope and prayer of the NDC that following today’s ruling, Ghanaians can relax and the country will move on peacefully”.

He also commended the judiciary especially the judges, the media, civil society, religious bodies, the other political parties, and the generality of Ghanaians for their patience, and high sense of democratic maturity, during the rather long hearing of the petition”.

Mr. Asiedu Nketia acknowledged the work of the Electoral Commission (EC) “which has since 1992 earned an enviable reputation for fairness and integrity” adding, “this is the time for the EC to renew its commitment to perform even better in future elections in much the same way that they have reviewed and improved upon their performance after every election held in since 1992”.

He said, “with this chapter closed, the NDC invites everybody to support President John Dramani Mahama’s government to deliver the Better Ghana Agenda’”.

He concluded that “with our party’s electoral victory validated by the ruling of the justices of the highest court of the land, it is natural to expect celebrations across the nation”, adding that “for this, we invite every Ghanaian who delights in the principles of rule of law to join us, even as we also caution our supporters to exercise moderation in their jubilation”.

Earlier, beaming with smiles and speaking on their behalf, Nana Ato Dadzie, a member of the legal team of the (NDC) said: “we must thank God for where we have come as a nation. We have been vindicated”.

Nana Ato Dadzie urged supporters of the NDC to jubilate but “do it cautiously; not teasing anyone…they are entitled to jubilate…”

He, however, congratulated his “colleagues in the NPP for fighting a good fight” adding that “there will be another election and they can try their chance in the another election”

“We also appreciate the judges for their consistency throughout the long proceedings. I expect that everybody will now put their shoulders to the wheel. The rest of African and the world will see how far we have come with our democracy,” he concluded.

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