Ghana Hoists Her Beautiful Flag In The House Of Commons UK


From, Yaw Nketia

The Ghana Society UK and Ireland has attained another hallmark by launching a History Book aptly titled Akwaaba to Ghana, which translates from the Akan language as Welcome to Ghana.

To commemorate the celebration of the Black History Month, the 31st of August could not have been a better day as scheduled by the Ghana Society UK and Ireland to launch their very first book to its publishing and reading world. The book encompasses the tradition and culture of Ghana through a dynamic symbolism. It also encapsulates the very humble beginnings of some notable, intelligent and hardworking Ghanaians resident in the UK.

The dignitaries who came to observe the occasion included the Member of Parliament for Luton North, in the person of Honourable Kelvin Hopkins and the Honourable Gavin Shuker who is also the Member of Parliament for Luton South. Both Parliamentarians, with respect did their utmost best to usher us into their fold by making one and all feel very comfortable. So I would say, they deserve a big diplomatic pad on their individual shoulders, and more grease to their ambassadorial elbows.

Even though His Excellency Professor, Kwaku Danso-boafo who is the Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland could not attend due to other diplomatic constraints, he delegated his deputy, Mr George Fynn ,who came to give a wonderful oration full of a typical Ghanaian Ambassador. In his speech, Mr George Fynn the deputy High Commissioner reiterated the values and importance of the Kente Cloth as the embodiment and unity of our rich culture.

Mr Babsy a Zimbabwean, who was part of the Luton entourage, could not hide his admiration and adulation from the Ghana Society UK.

He said, ” even though I am not a Ghanaian I do like the way and manner you organise in unison to bringing the best in your community. “I wish all Zimbabweans can emulate this and unite as such.”

Asked as to why the publication is ‘solely’ directed as a legacy for only the future generations, Mrs Mariah Lovell the founder of Ghana Society UK said ” the book is not only restricted to our children of the future, but bonds us as parents telling our children stories of our lives from ‘Kidult hood to Adulthood'”.

In accordance with one of their spokesperson: Mr Aaron, the book is not for sale at the moment, but decision on it price, retail and availability would be relayed to the general public in due time.

He continued to say “it is not a one off publication, and for that matter subsequent volumes would be followed.”

A cross section of the visiting entourage took turns to give the necessary comments and commendations that the book deserves.

By skimming or scanning: It is a book that takes you historically and pictorially to Ghana and back within a trek’s length to where you belong. This date in my candid opinion, would go down into the Histories of the House of Commons-UK, as a day unique without equal as far as Ghanaians residing in the UK are concerned.

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