Ghana Health Service’s E-Learning To Improve Upon Health Delivery


Ghana Health Service (GHS), in collaboration with Incision Academy- Ghana with support from the Netherlands Embassy, has introduced an E-health learning platform to assist doctors in remote areas to build their capacities by using their mobile phones, while on duty.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Incision Group, Dr. Elvis Kuma Forson, Local representative of the Incision Academy and the Lead Project Manager, said there was a deficit in surgical skills and training worldwide, especially in the emerging economies.

He said, the platform would offer doctors the opportunity to build their capacity in the area of surgical skills through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to score points for their licensed by the Medical and Dental Council.

According to him, standardized approaches to doing surgeries are rear in emerging economies, because of the lack of skills and facilities in some of the health facilities.

He said, to fulfill the dream of bridging the deficit that Incision was set up with the expertise to build the capacities of Doctors.

He explained that, Incision was an online learning and training platform committed to standardizing the training of surgical care providers.

The academy offers online step-by-step guide at the level of individual surgical procedures.

He noted that this would assist GHS retain Doctors in community based health facilities, where they are needed most.

The facility has a convenient system of payment for credit pints with the use of mobile phones among other methods of payments.

He added that the aim of the initiative is to make clinical comments available to all individual health workers in the country.

To this end, the platform would be progressively updated and upgraded to contain the necessary content and features to make the goals of the trading professional he said.

He revealed that with the help of MTN; one of the leading mobile telephony operators in the country, the academy will diversify its operations to empower health institutions to deliver E-health services to their communities of operations.

Dr. Koku Awoonor –Williams, Director of Policy and Planning at GHS, took the opportunity to commend the representatives of the academy for the novelty and said this will offer the opportunity to reach out to doctors in the remotest areas to build their capacity and their CPD pints.

He explained that because of the lack of certain facilities majority of doctors are concentrated in the Ashanti, Greater Accra,and Cape Coast as well as the big cities.

The initiative would help prevent doctors in the remote areas from traveling to the teaching hospitals to build their capacities.

Dr. Ger Stengengen, Health Adviser at the Netherlands Embassy in Accra, complimented the GHS for its vision in adopting the incision initiative.

He reveled that Ghana was the first country in Africa to have introduced this initiative in the sector of health delivery and skills building of the doctor.

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