Ghana Gradually Becoming A Nation Of Talkers


If only a country could develop through words, judging from the countless radio discussions, news items, articles (both in prints and online), from many intelligentsias and politicians across the nation, prescribing numerous drugs and treatments for its mandarin headache, Ghana would have first.

Then by now, Ghana should have been greater than the greatest country in the world. Surprisingly, words have failed to abate our problems. Opinions and sentiments aside, what quotas have each and every one of us contributed, to build our nation and salvage our economy from the doldrums of cluelessness and uncertainty? What we have is rather, a situation where everybody thinks he or she is more sensible than the other.

I have had the privilege of talking to a senior Statesman and I daresay, we are not making use or rather listening to those who have something positive to contribute to the development of this country.

We have two major political parties in Ghana, i.e. the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). These two political parties have ruled Ghana since we ushered in the 1992 dispensation.

To say nothing has changed since 1992, is sounding hypocritical and burying ones head in the sand. Democracy has brought us a lot, if nothing at all, it has given us one thing that has made us all lazy and outdoing each other as to who has the bitterest tongue and who can fool more than the other and that is freedom of speech.

If not, how can a party Chairman say, a General Secretary of a major political party was elected only to counter another General Secretary. I thought the essence of politics is not about personality clashes but how to better the lot of Ghanaians.

The worst form of democracy, it is said is better than the better form of dictatorship. But if half of what we say, can translate into what we do, this country will be heaven on earth.

We have over twenty radio stations in Accra alone and each morning from Monday to Saturday, they all have their morning programmes, the discussions is usually centered on how to transform the fortunes of this country. Politicians are invited to debate the issues and give us alternatives to how to get to where we wish for our dear nation, but often it ends up confusing us, rather than educating us.

Before I proceed, I would like to state that I have made a very interesting revelation and that is, since I became conscious of politics, I have come to the conclusion that opposition political parties speak the most sense and espouse policies that look more feasible and convincing than parties in Government, but once, they are elected into office all the good ideas you hear them espouse, simply vanishes into thin air.

What is it about power that, we, the ordinary Ghanaians do not know that the moment our politician get it, they take off their thinking caps?

Radio stations in the country do not exhaust one topic before they jump onto another. So is the politician, who gets more airtime to shout and bleat about needless things, and end up making a fool of themselves and our democracy.

They make the most ridiculous allegations against their opponents.

Another unfortunate developing trend is afternoon talk shows that have also become a daily part of our lives. All the major radio stations are competing among themselves as to who has the most listeners in the afternoon; this is also followed by hourly news items that go on from morning to midnight.

I have never traveled outside the shores of this country, but I read and watch how politics is done in the advance democracies. The people we so much aspire want to be like.

The television stations are not left out, they also assemble politicians in the mornings to diagnose our problems , it goes on daily so no one can really tell, if all the talk is having any impact on our national development.

We want to talk our way out of our problems. Wake up in the morning and the headlines of our newspapers are screaming about what President John Dramani Mahama had done or not done. What he has said and had not said and it goes on unabated.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is also not left out of the party, there is a story of the man every day, sometimes for the wrong reasons and other times for good reasons, and hey this depends on which newspaper is carrying the story. Ex-presidents, Jerry John Rawlings has been described in very unpalatable and unprintable words, John Agyekum Kufuor, have had his fair share of insults. Our problems are self-inflicted. Our leaders
have been variously called failures by people who ought to know better not just because they disagree politically.

We now have what we call think tanks, they are mushrooming so fast, one may want to ask, whether there is anybody or institution, regulating their activities. They know more than everybody in this country. They are the epitome of knowledge and common sense.

Sadly enough, when they are in opposition, they are always the first to jump on any issue that comes up, just so they can remain relevant, they never follow it to its logical conclusion. They are always lurking in the shadows, waiting to devour any public officer, who has also decided to soil him or herself.

Social media platforms have also become another harbinger for destroying and making unsubstantiated allegations against our leaders and public office holders. Instead of using it to advance our course and educate each other, we rather use it to cast aspersions at each other.
We have to be serious than this, talking will not solve our problems; we have become a nation of talkatives.

It is not surprising, why half of what politicians say is what we want to hear.

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