Ghana Gas Coming Soon


The Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) is working strenuously to address two major offshore tasks critical to the flow of first gas from the Jubilee Fields to the Atuabo Gas Processing plant.

The tasks include, retrieving a lost pig receiver and rectifying a pipeline free span in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Officials of the company disclosed that installation works at the Processing Plant have been completed, awaiting the resolution of the two tasks to prevent a delay in the operation of the Plant.

The Free Span refers to a situation where the seabed becomes undulating, preventing the free flow of gas through pipes laid under the seabed. The pig on the other hand, is a mechanical equipment placed in pipes under the seabed to clean them and also send information about happenings in the pipes.

Briefing journalists during a weekend visit to the Atuabo Plant, Ghana Gas officials said, they were working in collaboration with Tullow Oil to trace the pig. They noted that work on the Plant has been executed with high standards quality materials.

The completion and operation of the $850 million Atuabo Gas Processing Plant is dear to many Ghanaians because of the potential stability it is expected to bring electric supply and also reduction in cost of generation.

Construction work started in August 2012, and apart from addressing the country’s energy needs, the project is also expected to open up the Atuabo area into a modern industrial hub of Ghana.

Located at Atuabo on the coast of Western Ghana, the Gas Processing Plant is part of the Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Project, being undertaken by government.

It will receive wet gas from the FPSO Kwame Nkrumah in the Jubilee Field via a subsea pipeline. The raw gas received would be treated by means of a cryogenic separation to meet pipeline quality end-users specifications.

The first phase of the plant is designed to produce 440 standard cubic meters of gas per day.

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