Ghana Card Registration, Another Waste Of State Resources?

A noble and useful exercise that is aimed at identifying Ghanaians and issuing them with Ghana Card, is in limbo, because the government wants to deny some Ghanaians of their nationality.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in opposition, branded some people as non-Ghanaians an so do not deserve to take part in the election.

They, however, benefited from the votes of those people, after winning the election; they are back to their old ways, this time using the Ghana Card registration.

This is the first time as a country, a deliberate and conscious effort is being made o register Ghanaians, but the initial disagreements, suggest the exercise, if not handled well, will not yield the needed result.

Voter’s Identification card, has been used as one of the primary card for most transactions in this country, example, opening a bank account, receiving money from abroad, etc.

According to the amended National Identification Authourity law 2017, Act 950, only birth certificates and passports would be accepted for the registration of Ghana Card.

We all know that one of the under staff and under-resourced institutions in Ghana is the Birth and Death registry. Passport cannot also be easily obtained.

A lot of people born outside the major cities and towns and in some period are without birth certificate.

We are of the considered opinion that, the NIA, should see the exercise as one which should leave room for more improvement, it should be one in progress.

If the government and NIA, wish for the exercise to be a success, it is important that Voters’ ID card is accepted.

In the view of this paper, all the stakeholders must agree on a middle ground, if not two, or six years to come, another government, will start the exercise of registering Ghanaians all over again.


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