GHAMCCCO Pushes For Behavioral Change Among Ghanaians


Ghana Must Change Concerned Citizens Organization (GHAMCCCO); a non-political group of like-minded people, who seek to apply non-political methods to achieve behavioral change and help to address anti-social behaviors in society, has held its first forum in Accra.

GHAMCCCO, is a group of like-minded people, who have come together to pursue behavioral change in the communities, churches, society and the various working places across the country.

The group was founded by Mr. Ernest K Boateng, who also doubles as the President of GHAMCCO.

Speaking at a forum to launch GHAMCCCO in Accra, Mr. Boateng stressed on the need for Ghanaians to do away with bad behaviors that could affect the country’s quest to attain its development goals.

He said, most developed countries were able to attain their development goals, because the citizens had adopted a positive and good attitude towards work, than their own selfish gains.

He said one of the biggest problems that continued to fight the development of Ghana was the attitude of people, adding that without a change of attitude, it would be extremely difficult for Ghana to witness any meaningful growth.

He said political, traditional and even religious leaders, had allowed themselves to be infiltrated by pretenders who sought to exploit vulnerable people in society to further their own personal gains.

He, therefore, has asked church leaders and other religious organizations to focus their teachings on changing the behavior of Ghanaians.

On destructive tendencies in the country ahead of the general elections, Mr. Boateng, said Ghanaians had become more selfish, less disciplined, more materialistic, dishonest and corrupt and that had affected every part of the society.

To change that, he said there was the need for the message of behavioral change to be spread to all parts of the society, beginning with children.

Mr. Boateng, said the church had a role to play since it held the largest congregations, adding that “our religious leaders ought to wage a serious campaign towards behavioral change’’.

He said, the objective of GHAMCCCO was to inculcate into Ghanaians the ideal values and virtues of gradual attitudinal change towards total transformation of the country.

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