GEPA targets $ 10bn exports by 2021


The Ghana Export and Promotion Authority (GEPA) has begun a nationwide engagement to increase exports revenue by ten billion dollars within the next four years.

As a result, the Authority has met with some Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs) in the Upper East Region to prioritize one product or service each,  that will be exported to meet the target.

The forum featured all the thirteen Municipal and District Chief Executives, their coordinating directors as well as other stakeholders.

Discussions at the forum were geared at identifying potential products for export.

Like the government’s famous one district, one factory initiative, the GEPA has captioned its project as “One District, One Exportable Product”.

The Deputy CEO of the Ghana Export and Promotion Authority, Akilu Sayibu explained that the policy when successfully implemented, will boost Ghana’s exports and reduce the balance of trade deficit.

“The Ghana Exports and Promotion Authority (GEPA) is promoting potential and exportable products from our districts. We have 216 districts and if you go to any district, you would have realized that, there is a product or service that is peculiar to the district, so the strategy at GEPA is to identify these products or services associated with the districts and support in developing the products for exports and EXIM bank is ready to support the project”.

‘If we are able to do this, it will create job opportunities for the youth, improve our growth and Gross domestic product (GDP)”.

Mr. Sayibu said, various districts will set up district exports committees chaired by Chief Executives who will have oversight responsibility in the adoption and development of their respective exportable products or services.

Some Municipal and District Chief Executives also hinted of possible products to be considered under the project.

The District Chief Executives for Navrongo Williams Adum and Builsa South Daniel Gariba respectively identified Shea butter and rice as their exportable products.

The DCE for Bongo district Peter Awinibisa also identified Shea butter as their exportable product.



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