Generous Radio Gold’s Obobia Supports Hiv/Aids Orphans


By Alfred K. Dogbey

Sensational radio broadcaster and 2012 parliamentary aspirant, Ms Obobia Opoku-Darko, has made a generous donation to support some innocent children living with HIV/AIDS virus, who have been abandoned by their relatives at the home of Mr./ Mrs. Azumah – the ‘Heart-to-Heart’ HIV/AIDS Ambassador at Klagon, a suburb of Tema.

The donation, including a cheque of GH¢1,000, a large quantity of assorted foods, washing detergents, cooking oil, toiletries, blankets, rubber buckets, milk, fruit juices were made last Thursday August 22, as part of her birthday celebration.

The birthday celebration mood on the faces of entourage, who accompanied her turned gloomy, when Mr. / Mrs. Azumah opened up on a touching story of how the children found their way to them in the home.

The ‘Heart-to-Heart’ AIDS Ambassador and the wife, Mrs. Lydia Azumah, who currently are sheltering about ten HIV children in their rented apartment, disclosed that their relatives have dumped the kids on them and left.

They narrated how a little girl, whose actual parents died of the virus was brought to them by a relative who said she dashed her to them for free, because they do not want the little kid, because she had tested positive.

The children who are between one to 8years old, have been depending solely on the little meal prepared by the benevolent couples for survival.

Mr. John Azumah, a reverend pastor and his wife, Mrs. Azumah, who have been leading a campaign against stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients in the society said that many of the children would have died, but for their timely intervention, by putting them under an intensive medication and diet.

Although the couple, currently live without any occupation apart from their pastoral work, have been struggling to cater for the medication, school and food of ten children in addition to their four biological kids.

The children were, however, congested in the two bedrooms allocated to them, sadly virtually no help comes for them, from government, organizations or philanthropists.

What is surprising was that although few of the kids, including their own kids were not infected with the virus, they all live together, eat and play in harmony without a shred of stigmatizing.

According to Mr. / Mrs. Azumah, more children with the virus have often been brought to them because of stigmatization which they suffer in the society, but because of inadequate accommodation and funding, they also reject them.

He lamented that stigmatization hurts and should not be encouraged. His wife, Mrs. Lydia Azumah, on her part poured out how her charcoal business had collapsed, because of stigmatization, they claimed they could be infected if they buy her charcoal.

According to her, no one knows tomorrow, adding that living with HIV patient does not mean you could be infected with the disease.

Mr. / Mrs. Azumah pleaded with the government and authorities responsible for the distribution of the ‘Anti-Retroviral’ drug to make it available and accessible to them.

Ms Obobia Opoku-Darko, who was near tears, after listening to the emotional story of the kids, said she was touched about the plight of the kids.

She urged the public, who have heard or read about the story to emulate in any little way to give support to the children.
Madam Obobia or O.B, as she is affectionately called, was accompanied by her colleague staffs in the newsroom of Radio Gold.

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