General Quainoo Deserves Better After Serving Ghana


Happy New Year beautiful people and welcome back to the rig marrow that characterizes our daily live. Ordinarily, the topic that engages our mind today, should not be the first editorial to start a year that is full of promise, but for as long as the bad nuts in the society have refused to allow the few good ones in the country to have some respite, we will also devote our time and space to help fight the misfits in the society and expose their activities.

A story on the front page of the New Statesman of Tuesday, January 7, 2014, captioned, “High Court Throws Out General Arnold Quainoo, Over 82-acre land”, caught our attention and needs redress, as the public have been misled for far too long about the said land.

A lot of stories have made the rounds last year, and unfortunately it is continuing this year, all in an attempt to denigrate and defeat the sacrifice, General Arnold Quainoo had rendered to this country.

He is one of the few good men we have in this country, with a wealth of experience. He has sacrificed and laid down his life for this country, so that the younger generation can have a peaceful country to live in. if we cannot pay him back for what he has done for this country.

we certainly should not destroy his hard earned reputation in Ghana and abroad. We all hailed Nelson Mandela and eulogized him when he passed, yet we cannot do the same to our own.

First of all, the story was badly written, aside the fact that it was one-sided, the good General was not contacted for his side of the story and this clearly exposes the intent of the author of that story.

The supposed facts as claimed by the paper are palpably false. The year, the paper reported that the land was bought could not be accurate, if the paper had exhibited a modicum of professionalism, the truth would not have been too far for them to know.

A Supreme Court ruling had given finality to the case, by saying that General Arnold Quainoo, owns the land, yet the Okpelor Sowah Din Family of Teshie, have engaged in a lot of legal gymnastics to forcefully take the land away, despite several court ruling.

Last year, some miscreants invaded the land and demolished his properties, endangering him and his family, the Statesman and their ilk never came to his rescue, yet they find it expedient to write lies about him, because they want to sell their paper.

The law that we all respect and uphold must be allowed to work, how can a High Court ruling, override the ruling of the Supreme Court?

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