A Gem Is Gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last Saturday, May 19, 2014, will go down as one of the Saturdays in this year, that we started brightly, but had to contend with bad news as the day unfolded.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday on January 24, when the sad news of the death of Komla Afeke Dumor started filtering in; it started like a joke, until it was finally confirmed by the family.

Last Saturday, the same event repeated itself, when the news started trending on social media platforms that the country has lost one of its illustrious sons, in another repeat of Asthmatic/cardiac arrest.

This time around, it was Ing. Paul Victor Obeng, popularly known as P.V Obeng.

Like Komla Dumor, who signed off his programme “Focus On Africa” on Friday night with a promise to his viewers that he will be back in their homes on Monday, P.V Obeng, who had also returned home on Friday from the National Economic Forum, held in Senchi, was whole and hearty, until his maker called him, the next day.

In both instances, we described it as untimely, but the good Lord, who gave them to us, needed them most at the time, he called them.

P.V Obeng was one of the pillars, who sacrificed so much towards our march for the restoration of multi-party democracy. Since 1992, when we
ushered in the current dispensation, he has served in various capacities, until his demise.

He is a consummate and moderate politician, a consensus builder, who did not engage in the politics of vindictiveness and insult, he was a statesman par excellence.

Some will say, let us cry for our loss, but we will say, let us celebrate his life and imbibe what he stood for to help change and reshape the politics we do.

He was loved and admired by all the political groupings in this country. What lessons are we learning from the life of this noble man?
Whether we like it or not, he is no more, but what he stood for will live with us forever.

Ghana and Ghanaians have lost a gem, a rare breed of politician, a man of many epithet, yes he served his country with all that God gave him.
Our heartfelt condolences go to his immediate family, who are suffering more for the loss of their father and husband. May good Lord, continue to strengthen and give them the courage to navigate through this difficult time.

Rest in perfect peace, till we meet again.

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