GCB Workers Threaten Demo


…..over bad conditions of service

The unionized staff of Ghana Commercial Bank now GCB Bank, will sometime this week stage a demonstration that will bring the activities of the state-bank to a halt. The workers are complaining about bad conditions of service, while Management continuously enjoys the best part of the carrot.

According to them, since the Managing Director (MD), Simon Donoo assumed office, conditions of service, have moved from bad to worse, but the MD and his Board are enjoying profits of the bank made from their toil, tears and blood.

The agitated workers said, the decision of the Simon Donoo-led management to doll out a percentage of the net profit of the bank to him, even though it is industry practice, was not good enough.

Mr. Donoo, last year alone, received a whopping GH¢2.9 million, representing one percent of the net profit of the bank, as his annual bonus. The amount was different from his monthly salary, as well as other allowances.

The workers are worried about the MD’s phrase maximizing profits; the chunk of it ends up in his pocket at the expense of their welfare.

GCB, recently undertook a rebranding exercise, which is said to have cost several millions of Ghana cedis. Contracts were unilaterally awarded by handpick officers of the bank. A lot of rot is said to be at the evaluation department of the bank. Some experience workers, have had to leave the bank and join other private banks.

Poor network service, which draws abuses from customers are still common in the bank, which spent yet to be audited sums on the rebranding, the workers disclosed.

The National Consultative Council, which is the second highest decision making body of the GCB Employee Union, is said to have petitioned the President over what they called is mismanagement at the bank.

The petition according to The Herald’s sources is said to have lamented about certain happenings in the bank drawing the attention of the government to them for immediate action.

Among the issue are on the instability of the bank, financial malfeasance, jeopardizing the livelihood of workers, their families, their future, total disregard and disrespect to the late President John Evans Atta Mills directives.

Insiders also said the petition noted that the management style of Mr. Donoo saying it threatens the jobs of employees. It spoke about marginalization of internal human capacity and atmosphere of lack of hope for workers of the Bank.

According to the insiders, there is heightened tension at the bank, low morale, insecurity, suppression of employees’ career aspiration, popular revolt is imminent against the Managing Director if urgent steps are not taking to restore confidence in the workers.

The future of GCB staff, looks bleak and gloomy in terms of progression and development. This is aggravated by the fact that management appears not to have trust in the very workers who worked so hard over the years to bring the bank to this level before some of them joined the Bank.

They recall that the same issue sent us (management and the union) before the late President J.E. Mill and he clearly advised the Managing Director to give the employees the opportunity to grow, adding that the Managing Director was in his position, because he was given the opportunity at one point in his working life to grow.

They want the MD to create an environment for the staff to grow.

More to come!

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