GCB Workers Praying For Change Of Government


The wish and prayers of every employee at The Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), is for elections to be held today, so that they could vote against President John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), this way they believe is the only way their wishes of change can be granted.

Their wish is simple, they want the replacement of their Managing Director (MD), Simon Dornoo, who they believe is running the bank down.

Their anger stem from the fact that, the MD is running a one-man show. Never in the 50 plus years of the bank has it witness such a mass exodus of experienced and qualified hands. A lot of the people, who have helped steer the bank to its current status are leaving the bank to join other banks, where their expertise could be best utilized.

The bank, last year embarked upon a rebranding exercise, the first client of every organization is it employees, because they are the fulcrum on which the success or failure of the organization rest.

Unfortunately, Management failed to get the staff along, when the rebranding was took place.

A petition regarding the Management style of Mr Dornoo, was sent to the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, who could not act on it, until he met his untimely
death. President, John Dramani Mahama, should also not close his eyes and allow the actions of one man cost him the election in 2016.

These are employees with dependents and family members, as well as friends, who depend on them for their survival.

The consequence and the political fortune of allowing Mr Dornoo, to continue running the place as if he is managing machines, not human beings, will not only have rippling effect, but will rather cause a tidal wave.

The President must commission any of the state investigative agencies to look into the happenings at the state bank and if possible take remedial actions to avert any unfortunate spectacle, before it is too late.

The bank is losing its human touch both to its employees and clients.

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