GCB Bank To Strenghten Representation In Rural Areas


The Managing Director of GCB Bank Limited, Mr. Simon Dornoo, has said that the Bank was strengthening her representation in rural areas, where GCB is under represented in line with current demographic patterns.

He said, the expansion strategy was in line with the new dynamism and freshness the rebranding of the bank has brought to the operations strategy of the Bank.

“We want the enduring relevance of the Bank’s Ghanaian and African heritage to be reflected in the strength of her presence in under represented areas and rural Ghana to serve the unbanked”, Mr. Dornoo said.

“We also want to be closer to our customers especially those in remote areas and to serve them well by using an appropriate and sustainable business models” he added.
GCB Bank currently has a network of 157 branches, 250 ATMs and 20 agencies across the country.

The GCB Bank Limited currently records over one million ATM transactions a month compared to 100,000 transactions three years ago.

After becoming the country’s largest issuer of cards, the Bank is working to become the largest acquirer of cards.

The Bank has also made significant investments in upgrading its technology infrastructure to provide the needed platform for better interaction with customers.

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