GCB Bank Insider Reveals Details Of Workers’ Dismissal


It is emerging that, the grounds on which GCB Bank terminated the contracts of some 56 ex-staff of the defunct UT and Capital Banks, claiming they did not possess the minimum qualification required to work with the bank, was a fabrication just to get the ex-staff, out of the way.

Mr Anselm Ray-Sowah, GCB Boss

Mr. Anselm Ransford Sowah, GCB Boss

An insider has revealed to The Herald that, there is more to the claim than a mere excuse that they ‘failed’ their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), and West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Mathematics and English papers.

According to the source, contrary to the bank’s assurance that all staff from the collapsed banks have been engaged, on the blind side of many Ghanaians, the bank started terminating the appointment of some staff, as far back as Oct 2017, before the latest dismissal.

Furthermore, in February 2018, this paper was informed GCB bank engaged some staff and terminated the appointment of others. Those engaged were given the opportunity basically because they agreed on fresh terms which reduced their salaries and also asked them to serve probation of six months.

While serving the probation period, these engaged staff, were treated as though they were ‘second class’ staff, as all kinds of derogatory remarks, were made against them.

The source said, the six months were filled with comments like “you collapsed your bank we won’t allow you to collapse our bank”, even when a good suggestion comes from an assumed staff that suggestion is met with this is what you did and you collapsed your bank”

In spite of the change in remuneration coupled with accusation that they caused the collapse of their banks, they worked hard for the good of GCB bank.

“They excelled even to the admiration of the GCB bank colleagues who thought those from the assumed banks were not knowledgeable, because they came from collapses banks”, the source said.

According to the source, during the probation period, the new employers asked the staff to undertake medical exams at the cost of staff at GCB bank’s chosen labs and medical centres.

When staff informed GCB bank that, such employer requested medical exams were paid for by the employer, they were told it is not GCB’s practice to pay for such requests

Additionally, all kinds of requests were made from the staff—- from provision of certificates to details of family, references. Assessments were also conducted after probation, which some had their appointments confirmed and others got extension of same

The source said that even after confirmation, GCB banks continued to ask for certificates that in most cases, had already been provided. Again, in October 2018, some appointments were terminated without reason. Some of the staff who mustered courage and asked questions, were told their appointments were terminated because their certificates could not be verified.

In December 2018, when the festive season was approaching, more ex-workers of UT-bank, had their appointments terminated with allegation that, the Bank of Ghana (BoG) instructed for those staff’s appointment to be terminated. However, this claim turned out to be false, as GCB bank representatives were telling one story after the other.

Since February 13, 2019, GCB bank has terminated the appointment of over 100 people with the explanation that they did not have a pass in Mathematics and English.

The question on the lips of these sacked workers is that “.. What did GCB do, during the six months probation before it confirmed them”?

The source continued “We hear them say that because Government has paid severance, their appointments can be terminated. We are dealing with two different matters. The severance deals with the past and the employment with GCB bank and its related matters deal with the present and future”.

The source, said the promise to absorb these workers, have conveniently been reneged, while everyone looks on.

“The terminations can be compared to a lover who assures you of his love only to stab you in the back in the dark. The Akan’s say, it better “medofoadaadaaaa me”.

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