The GBA Double Standards Must Stop!


After the dust has settled and sanity restored, the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), has found its voice in a matter that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

The GBA has condemned unreservedly, what it terms, act of lawlessness and abuse of power by the Office of the National Security Coordinator (NSC).

According to the GBA, the needless abuse of power by the Office of the National Security Coordinator is “a threat to the rule of law, democratic governance and the peace of our nation”.

Indeed, we live in interesting times, when the people who are suppose to be the voice of the voiceless and the defenders of the suffering masses, have now join the choir of the elite, who have done nothing good to the ordinary man and women, except to foist their egos on them.

The University of Ghana (UG), have turned a blind eye and called the bluff of every well-meaning Ghanaian, who have prevailed upon them in a civilized manner to stop the wanton disregard and abuse of public sympathy.

They have shifted the goal post, ever since the intended and the implementation of tolling their roads begun.

Appeal upon, appeal even from poor parents, who have their wards attending school at the University Primary have not yielded any results.

The University, want its autonomy respected, in the same vein another institution of state has a mandate to deliver. So when the University, extends its boundaries, beyond limited allowance, another institution must act and that is exactly what the National Security outfit has done.

The GBA, if they have any advice must rather channel it to the stubborn Vice-Chancellor and his ilk, who have made it their stock in trade to take all of us for granted and think that of all the problems confronting the university, toll booths or security posts are the panacea.

This double standard and busy body work must not be entertained from the GBA. The Bar has its own challenges to deal with, so if they have any advice or admonition to offer any institution or individuals, they should first advice themselves.

We are all quick to criticize and condemn, when we are also covered in dirt, and why only now, it is obvious, the leadership of GBA, do not have any work to do.

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