Gawu Is A Useless Body

Before we contemplate the suggestion by the General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU), an umbrella of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC), to cancel the celebration of farmers’ day as a statutory public holiday, we must first scrap GAWU.

“The holiday has no significance to farmers. Farmers per their nature of work do not need a specific day through legislation as holiday. The holiday does not benefit them,” GAWU said in a statement to congratulate farmers on the occasion of this year’s celebration Friday, December 1.

The statement was as useless as the body issuing it.

We are taught from kindergarten that, agriculture is the backbone of this country. In Ghana today, we import virtually everything, including tomatoes, plantain, okro, maize and even charcoal, from our neighboring countries.

In the thinking of GAWU, who is a farmer and who is qualified to be a farmer? A lot of people, who hitherto shy away from farming, are now into it. Civil servants, politicians, businessmen and women, private sector workers etc, are now doing serious farming.

Farmers day, has presented GAWU, with a unique opportunity to help us change the narrative. GAWU could use the day to flood our television and radio stations, with programmes that will seek to create awareness on the need to engage in backyard garden.

They could also dedicate the day to planting mango or any other fruit, and distribute the seedlings to all those, who might express interest in doing so.

Ghana is blessed with fertile soil or land for farming, GAWU, should use the day to educate people on container farming, lawn farming or any other farming that could easily be done in the homes to augment what our gallant farmers are producing.

Again, they could use the day to educate Ghanaians on the nutritional and health benefits of some of our fruits and vegetables, which fruits or vegetables, could be mixed to achieve maximum benefit.

GAWU should help Ghanaians to make good use of what God has given us. It is a crime against nature to be importing food into this country.

For some time now, there have been plans to introduce Genetically Modified Food (GMF) into the country, despite the abundance of fertile lands, we are being asked to grow and eat inorganic food and GAWU is not worried, rather they are calling for the cancelation of farmers day holiday.

So pathetic!


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