Game Responds To Rumours He Slept With Kim Kardashian


Source: Daily Mail

Most men would jump at the chance to be romantically linked with Kim Kardashian or any of her famous (of-age) sisters, but the Game isn’t owning up to doing the nasty with Kim or her sister Khloe.

“Kim & Kanye are 2gether, they have a beautiful baby, Let em live,” Game tweeted on Sunday, bothered by a story posted on which reported that the rapper slept with Kim. “Me & Khloe just kool, let her live. Creating lame sh– to drive blogs SMH.”

It all started when the California rap star denied persisting rumors that he was involved with Khole, during an interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie

While attempting to put the cap on one controversy, Game started another, revealing that he once dated Kim. “Those are just rumors, it’s funny man because me and Khloe, we’re cool,” he said, quieting talk that he and the youngest Kardashian sister ever had anything going on. “I been knowing Khloe for 12 years and I went and dated Kim for a while — a short while.”

Sloth fished for intimate details, but came up short when Game simply said: “We went to McDonald’s twice, pulled up in the drive-thru.”

After the BBC interview, TMZ posted audio of a remix to Ray J’s 2013 Kim-bashing single “I Hit It First.” On the remix Game says he doesn’t take his “business out the bedroom” and barely makes any reference to his sexual exploits; that’s because The Documentary rapper says the rhymes were never recorded for Ray J in the first place.

“Takin my old verses & putting it on different songs tryna stir up sh– #LameAsF—!!! I respect Kanye & Kim, stop tryna f–k up people lives,” he tweeted.

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