Gabby Laments Presidential Ambition & Disloyalty


In Akufo-Addo’s Government

The ever powerful nephew of President Nana Akufo-Addo, appears troubled by disloyalty within his uncle’s government.

Less than two years into the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, is suggesting that some ministers, are not wholly committed to the common agenda of the government and are pursuing their presidential ambitions, instead of helping his uncle to realize his mandate.

With many scandals already popping up every now and then, the lawyer cum journalist, appears unprepared to let his uncle’s government go down and so has began cautioning ministers and appointees to be careful.

Mr Otchere-Darko, is unimpressed some ministers and appointees of President Akufo-Addo, are undermining the President’s mandate for their parochial interests and future presidential ambition.

No name was divulged, but he cautioned those on that path nursing “greater ambition” to become president one day, to quickly shelve it and get to work. “Be loyal and committed to the mandate you have today”.

Leaving outsiders wondering who and who could be nursing this “greater ambition”, Gabby, last Saturday on social media; Facebook, advised the ministers to learn from their boss, Akufo-Addo as a minister.

While serving as Minister for Justice and Attorney General, under former President John Agyekum Kufuor, Gabby said, his uncle distinctively distinguished himself by focusing on the tasked handed him and also the bigger picture.

He reminded the ministers that, Akufo-Addo, at the time was very committed to the work and was never distracted, although he had a childhood presidential ambition, while in that position.

“If you are minister with a greater ambition, please learn from Akufo-Addo when he was in your position. He focused on delivering on the work assigned to him by the President. He would not be distracted. He did not let his ambition get in the way of his job; not even how to fund his future campaign. Be loyal and committed to the mandate you have today”, he said.

From the post, it appeared these ministers Gabby spoke of, are busily amassing wealth for their future dreams as stated emphatically that Akufo-Addo “..Did not let his ambition get in the way of his job; not even how to fund his future campaign”.

Not wanting the Akufo-Addo government to fail, Mr Otchere-Darko, challenged the ministers to devote their time and expertise on the current NPP government and also ensure that their integrity remains intact for the future.

“Guard and guide” and asked that they made sure the success of the government of the NPP is all they aspire to.

“Let the success of the government you are a big part of today be the only thing that matters today Guard and guide your integrity as if it your only source of oxygen”.

He said, in the end when the government succeeds, those who served well, will be rewarded by the party at the right time.

“When the time comes the party will remember you and your ethics and reward you for the services rendered to the government when you were gifted the opportunity to serve”.

Gabby, strategically did not take up any appointment, but he is everywhere as far as this administration is concerned.

He has over the period led the government communication team, though he hardly speaks in mainstream media.

He was the one that flew the kite to test the mood of the public as to whether the grounds were fertile for government to introduce new or increase taxes, especially the Value Added Tax (VAT) or not.

At the national delegates conference held in Koforidua last month, Mr Otchere-Darko, revealed some Cabinet ministers sleep at meetings, while his uncle, stays and does all the work till late at night.


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