GA West MCE’s Limits Of Impunity


At a time, when officials of State are busily putting their offices to good use, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ga-West, Sam Atukwei Quaye, is over-reaching his bounds, by trying desperately to encroach on Government land, meant for scientific and industrial research.

In over-reaching his bounds, he launched an initiative to build a lorry terminal, as well as shops on a land earmarked before he was born for science and research.

The land was acquired by government for the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), to help the country as it makes advances in research to make the country food sufficient, unfortunately lack of investments by successive government, have not made it possible for the CSIR to achieve it mandate.

Over the years, governments had encroach on some portions of the land for purposes other than the originally intended one, and it is no wonder why we virtually import all that we consume in this country.

Our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, established the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission as far back as 1952, This was intended to introduce nuclear science and technology into the Country and to exploit the peaceful applications of nuclear energy to foster national development. The long-term strategic objective of the initiative was that, the research reactor would facilitate the development of manpower and promote plans for the introduction of nuclear power for electricity generation in the Country.

We will not have been in the current state of load-shedding, had we kept alive the vision of our first President. Among the reasons why the initiative could not be sustained was the fact that, the land earmarked for the project over the years, have been encroached upon by developers and governments, raising a question of proximity and safety of citizens., who live close to the facility.

With this in mind, it is therefore strange for the MCE to display such intransigent behavior of not listening and seeing wisdom, in the defiant nature of workers of the CSIR.

We should applaud the Management of CSIR for putting Ghana first, if they were greedy individuals, all they could have done was give into the request of the MCE, while they also take their cut, after all that is how it is done in Ghana. It is for government and so nobody cares.

What, it may be asked, was the intention of Sam Atukwei Quaye, if not to appropriate the property to himself and his cronies?

His actions even in the face of a court injunction secured by the CSIR, goes beyond a crass display of impunity to suggest other suspicious motives that must be self-serving.

Some DCEs, have been sacked for not speaking well, yet his arbitrary action has gone unpunished, he must thank his stars and stop behaving like his position is for life.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, must call Sam Atukwei Quaye to order, his action is tainting his government black.

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