GA Manste Palace Ready For Use


By Cecil Mensah

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has finally handed over the renovated Ga- Mantse Palace to the Traditional Council with a call on members of the traditional council to use the edifice to promote effective the administration of chieftaincy issues in the Greater Accra Region.

Recently, the AMA Mayor had received some bashing from some Ga Chiefs for neglecting the Ga Traditional Council and for that matter did little to support the activities of the council.

But, the Assembly through the leadership of Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije took it upon itself after his re-nomination as the Mayor for the second time running to renovate the Ga Mantse Palace among other developmental; projects the Assembly has undertaken for the Chiefs.

The Assembly has therefore spent several thousands of Ghana Cedis in ensuring that the Palace is face lifted to befit a state- of- the art palace.

Doing the handing over ceremony in the North Kaneshie area of Accra, the Mayor called on the Chiefs and members of the Council to ensure peace prevails in their jurisdictions so, as to meet the many developmental agenda the government and for that matter the Ga state is pursuing.

He also indicated that the Assembly is in the process of reconstructing the famous Salaga Market in Accra to pave way for brisk business and also pledged his and the Assembly’s support for the dredging of the Korle Lagoon as part of his five-year developmental plan.

He noted that Accra will be developed and efforts are underway in ensuring that the city is clean to befitting of a millennium city.

He also took the opportunity to thank the Chiefs for supporting the Assembly in its developmental agenda, expressing the hope that the support would be reciprocated by his administration.

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