Ga East Assembly Gets Sanitation Court


……As Abokobi Landfill Site Is Fumigated

By Gifty Arthur

The Ga East Municipal Assembly, as part of measures to curb the indiscriminate dumping of refuse, will next week, inaugurate a sanitation court to summon residents, who litter in communities that make up the assembly.

According to the Municipal Chief Executive, John Kwao Sackey, the inauguration of the court will mean the assembly is implementing it bi-laws and anyone who goes contrary to them will be dealt with per the law.

“Luckily for us, the Ga East Municipal, will officially commission it court, a circuit court at Kwabenya so that, at least some of the cases will go there. We are working with the resident association and their complaints and their inputs are what we are using”, he said

Mr. Kwao Sackey, said this when the Assembly with support from the Landfill Site Company fumigated the Abokobi Landfill Site and its environs yesterday.

The new Ga East Assembly court, follows similar ones by the La Dadekotopon Assembly (LaMA) and Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), which occasionally sentence residents who defecate and throw rubbish indiscriminately.

The exercise was part of effort by the assembly, to sanitize the area from flies, cockroaches, snakes, and ease the level of discomfort comes with the dumping of refuse in that area.

He revealed that, calls by residents to close the site, has been considered and so very soon, a new arrangement with a private company, would soon complete a 43-acre land, so that residents, could heave a sigh of relief.

At the new site, due to the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement by government, several mechanisms and technologies, will be introduced to turn waste into many other materials to compliment the Accra Compost Plant at Agyin Kotoku at Medie.

The MCE, said the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), which has expressed interest in importing some technology from India to use part of the refuse to create energy, is planning to go to that country to learn about the said technology.

He called on other organizations, to take a cue from the ECG, and use the many waste that, could be used for fertilizers and so on, so that it is not left as though they could not be used for other purposes.

According to the Operations Manager of Landfill Site Company, Richard Omane Mensah, the fumigation of the surrounded communities are done as and when needed, but with the main landfill site, it is done every week.

He said, a call by the MCE, to increase the number of times they fumigate, would be heeded to so that the exercise could be done frequently.

Residents who spoke to the media said, they were happy that the fumigation was done, but asked that it should be periodically, more than the number
of times it is done now, so that they can live in that community in peace.

They welcomed information that plans were underway to close the site permanently.

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