Ga Chief Kick Against GBC Demolition


By Cecil Mensah

The Chiefs and People of Bortianor in the Ga South municipality of the Greater Accra Region, have kicked against the planned demolition exercise threatened by the management of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to ward off encroachers in the surrounding areas of its transmission tower.

The chiefs and people led by Nii Hefo Be Tsofa Asere I, Acting Head of family of Kwei Aku We of Bortianor and Dsasetse of Bubuashie, raised these concerns in a brief interaction with the media after news broke that the state broadcaster, intends to embark on a demolition exercise in the area.

According to him, until the national broadcaster sits down with the chiefs to discuss issues of compensation, there will be no demolition exercise in the area.

He said, the people termed as encroachers by GBC on the said land, have some engagement with the stool and the decision to evict them, must be taken holistically, particularly when the government and GBC, have not paid the needed compensation for acquiring the land years back.

Meanwhile,earlier in March this year, the national broadcaster embarked on a demolition exercise, where a number of structures at Bortianor near Weija in Accra, were demolished.

According to GBC, the structures were built on a land belonging to them, but were illegally acquired and taken over by squatters and encroachers.

The demolition was meant to serve as a warning to the encroachers to vacate the site or face legal action.

For some time now, new buildings have been developed on lands belonging to the GBC in the New Botianorand Weija area.

Management of the GBC, had earlier on visited the site to assess the extent of encroachment.

The exercise was carried out by the management of the GBC working in partnership with the Ga-South Municipal Assembly.

The Ga South Municipal Chief Executive, Jerry Akwei-Thompson, who supervised the exercise promised to do everything within his power to assist GBC get back its land.

He also urged GBC to protect its property, since deserting the property for a long time, leaves it open to encroachment.

The Director of the Human Resource of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, John Korasare, also expressed GBC’s determination to secure the lands and develop it in the interest of the Corporation to generate revenue.

Mr.Korasare, said some other illegal occupants, were served eviction notices, but turned a blind eye.

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