Frustrated Sammy Awuku, Others Want Ghana In Flames


…Fear-gripped Franklin Cudjoe Runs From Colleagues

Young members of the crisis-hit opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), have taken to various social media platforms, directing vitriolic attacks at the Electoral Commission (EC) even before the outcome of the stakeholders forum, which considered their call for new voters’ register.

They even attacked well-known individuals like, Kofi Bentil of IMANI, who in the past have supported their cause with various unprintable words. He was forced to beg those insulting him and his beloved mother to stop.

Shockingly, Franklin Cudjoe, the President of IMANI, had to shift position as though he and the institution were for a new voters register, but had been misrepresented by their emissary, Mr. Sam Poku, board chairman of IMANI, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Business Council for Africa.

The NPP National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku, took to facebook threatening a revolution in the country, following the obvious failure of his party to get a new voters’ register for the 2016 presidential and parliamentary election.

Sammy Awuku, has penchant for issuing threats. Ahead of the 2012 general elections, he served notice in Koforidua in the Eastern Region, when he met the party’s Tertiary Education Students Confederacy (TESCON), when he called on them to arm themselves with cooking implements to hack people on Election Day.

He, in that statement, dared the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Alhassan, who he described in unprintable words.

His recent comments, came hours after the Electoral Commission (EC), brought to a close, a two-day forum to considered the NPP’s demand for a new voters’ register.

Knowing the many presentations by individuals, civil society groups and political parties, had gone against the NPP’s request for a new register, Mr. Awuku, rushed to his Facebook wall, and expressed displeasure about comments by the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, who also made a brilliant submission on the robustness of Ghana’s voter register at the forum last Friday.

He wrote: “By her posture and utterances, the EC boss is setting the stage to deny the youth and the people of Ghana a new and credible voters register for the 2016 elections.”

He further opined that, the cost of compiling a new voters’ register, is cheaper than the cost of pockets of violence.

“We will not sit down for our future to be toyed with. The cost of a new credible voters’ register is cheaper than the cost of violence. Guess it’s time for the Youth to Arise! We cannot afford to fail the masses in 2016. Youth Revolution imminent,” he added.

His comments, have largely been condemned by many well-meaning Ghanaians, but it seems Sammy, is not the only one who is craving for war.

A twitter account bearing the name “NPP Headquarters” also said “Flagbearer @NAkufoAddo and Chairman Freddie Blay strongly stand by Sammy Awuku in his declared youth revolution.#Kukrudu.

Ibrahim Adjei, another young member of the NPP, and a member of a pro-NPP group “Let My Vote Count” alliance also wrote on his facebook wall on the same Friday at 8:59pm that,“Sometimes you wonder how Rwanda, Cote D’IVOIRE, Kenya and Liberia ended up having civil wars….I’m beginning to understand the genesis of it all now. We are ready for 2016. Are you?, he questioned.

One, Kweku Yirenkyi Kwakye, also said “NPP we dey talk too much. Can’t we show these useless Gov’t the Arab Spring style. Until we start a coup de tat, they will not listen!!!

Franklin Cudjoe, the president of a pro-NPP think tank, IMANI Ghana, also wrote, “With what I know about elections, can easily lose their credibility at least from my extensive focus on the recent held election in Kenya, it would be the conduct of the Electoral Commission that would
make that call clearer.

He sharply departed from the submissions of his board chairman, Mr. Sam Poku, that there was no need for a new register.
Mr. Cudjoe, who was said to have travelled, but delegated Mr. Poku to deliver their opposition to the new voter register wrote, “I have not hidden the fact that I do not trust Ghana’s Electoral Commission given its conduct in the last three years. It does appear to me that the Electoral Commission has reached a decision on what it wants to do (irrespective of the presentation made) even before the exercise was contemplated”.

Interestingly, IMANI, had on the first day of the forum sent a member to present their position, which disagreed with NPP’s position for a new register. His attempt therefore, has been described as a “damaged control” move.

“Besides really, the matters in dispute are quite clear….. the allegations that the voters’ register is bloated and as illegible voters. That was I thought the fundamental matter to deal with TECNICALLY not necessarily to call a town hall meeting to discuss what dreams we should have of a perfect register”, Mr. Cudjoe said.

He went on “Let me conclude by saying that IMANI’s presentation was intently to be limited to the impeccable ideas for the need for a unified ID system. But we got caught up in the really side issue of whether we need a new register or not. Alas, that can also be expected of town hall meetings where sometimes idle chatter matter over a serious technical issue at stake. Goodnight”.

Meanwhile, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), has condemned the comments made by Sammy Awuku.

According to the NDC “any attempt by Sammy Awuku and his Akuffo-Addo led handful of brigands and buccaneers to misbehave; they shall be met with the due process of law!”

A statement signed by the NDC’s National Youth Organiser, Sidii Abubakar Musah, also called on the security agencies in the country to be on full alert.

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