Freddie Blay Collapsing NPP Like CPP


Youth Group Charges, Names Paul Afoko & Kwabena Agyapong As Victims Of Factionalism

The likes of the Communications Director of the largest opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea, will have electorates believe that, all was well with the party, but it is increasingly becoming clear that peace and internal cohesion, has eluded the NPP as various factions continue to struggle for the soul of the party.

It is also confirmed that Freddie Blay, is leading a section of the Nana Akufo-Addo’s loyalists, against the elected National Chairman, Paul Afoko, and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong, who are held to be loyalists of Alan Kyeremanten, therefore, working against the victory of NPP 2016 flagbearer, Nana Addo.

These assertions, finds their credence in a statement sent to The Herald by a group called the “NPP Youth For 2016”, in which it was categorically stated that, acts by the First Vice-Chairman of the party, Freddie Blay, is similar to what he did leading to the comatose state of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), under which he served as Member of Parliament (MP) for 16 years.

Top NPP insiders believe that, Mr. Blay, has not contributed anything meaningful to their party, apart from putting his newspaper; Daily Guide at its disposal. They argued that winning an election on the ticket of the CPP in the hometown of Kwame Nkrumah, was nothing significant.

It was, therefore, not surprising when Emmanuel Armah Kofi Boah, defeated him in 2008 with ease, despite the overwhelming support the NPP gave him by not fielding a candidate in the Ellembelle Constituency of the Western Region.

“Freddie Blay, Paa Kwesi Nduom and Malik Kweku Baaku were sources of confusion in CPP, and had kept that party in political exile, you think he has something good to offer the NPP? His promoters and followers must think again”, charged one party bigwig.

Meanwhile, the youth group, led by one Berima Sarpong, who identifies himself as its National Coordinator and gave his telephone number as 0232564800, insisted that Mr. Blay’s faction was frustrating Mr. Afoko and Mr. Agyapong from effectively managing affairs of the party.

It said “We are sad and worried by the unfortunate count of controversies and confusion in our party. Regrettably these happening will not cease as long as Freddie Blay and friends continue to make others unpopular in NPP and cause party people emotional suffering”.

“ Another dark day was here with us last Monday, May 4 as the 1st vice chair of NPP, Freddie Blay, organized his so-called emergency steering committee meeting which actually discussed nothing of emergency”.

“Only God knows what their motive for this meeting could be, and what was really discussed beyond the mere allocation of vetting centres which had already been properly done by Director of Elections and Research, Martin Agyei Mensah under the supervision of the General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong”.

“For the records, the 2015 NPP Parliamentary vetting process spans from May 4 – May 7, 2015. All ten regions had been appropriately zoned and supervisors for respective zones duly assigned. Ashanti has 3 zone, Brong Ahafo 3 zones, Greater Accra 2 zones, Western 3 zones, Central 3 zone, Upper East 1 zone, Upper West 1 zone, Northern Region 3 zones, Eastern 3 zones, and Volta Region 2 zones”.

“It is worth throwing out that, memorandum for honorarium for vetting committee members had been prepared by the Director of Election and Research, and approved by General Secretary” the statement disclosed.

It went on to say that “the honorarium for national representatives, mandated and sent out to the regions by the national secretariat of our party, was to the tune of GH¢28,100.00 to cover for transportation, accommodation and feeding throughout the period of the process”.

“We can confirm that an extra amount of GH¢26,800.00 was approved for the Parliamentary Election Committee to aid the smooth running of the various constituency elections”, it said.

“In the true face of all relevant facts, even on the said Monday of the so-called emergency steering committee meeting, everything was already set and the process had actually begun smoothly. Freddie Blay’s Monday meeting, therefore, was NEITHER OF EMERGENCY, NOR NECESSITY”.

“In any case, during our successful Presidential primaries, no such statement was issued for the attention of the public but we saw our National Executives working in all regions. Do we need an emergency and tensed Steering Committee meeting to assign executives to work? Or is it the reason for the extra GH¢5,000.00 each (totalling GH¢50,000.00) that was paid to the executives to visit the various regions that made this meeting an “onkye ndi” Steering Committee? So a process which was to cost the party GH¢54,900.00 is now costing the party GH¢104,900.00? This profligate expenditure is a clear case of mismanagement to the scarce resources of the party”.

“Now, think a minute of how the rushed-Freddie-Blay meeting wrecks the image and unity of the New Patriotic Party, and fuels the perception of disunity. It is absolutely unacceptable, unethical and unreasonable for 1st vice chair to call for steering committee meeting which is not pre-scheduled and does not arise out of any urgent need for it, without prior notice to the National Chairman. Worse so, the General Secretary of the party was equally kept out of information and out of the meeting”.

“And what does Freddie Blay seek to achieve with his endless divisive actions in NPP? Is it his plan to take over chairmanship position without plan to bring NPP to power? Or Freddie Blay is bent on doing to NPP what he did to CPP? Well, like many patriots do, we feel and fear same, but Jehovah will surely save NPP”, it questioned.

It pledged that “as young men and women of the NPP, our simple but stern advice is that none of the suspicions and those who hold them is more important than the power we need to save Ghana in 2016. And so the General Secretary and the National Chairman of NPP must be given free hands to operate without the needless misgivings we see every now and then. The deliberate endless efforts to undermine their authority must end for our common good”.

We shall not relent in our avowed interest of ensuring that we win power in 2016. Any individual or group, who may wish to thwart our collective efforts of securing power in 2016, would not be entertained. We shall resist such tactics which has the tendency of keeping us in opposition. We believe that, with common effort and common purpose based on true love for country, people and party, we shall rise once more and take NPP into government where it is supposed to be.

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