Franklin Cudjoe Schemes Another Mischief


Against Gov’t & Subah Infosolution

A technical team set up by government to look into the contract between Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Subah Infosolution, has cleared them of any wrong doing or malfeasance on the operation of the company, and had been given the green light to continue with its mandate.

The technical team was headed by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong, The Herald, was informed.

Meanwhile, President of IMANI Ghana, an opposition think tank, Franklin Cudjoe, has started yet another smear campaign to discredit the operations of Subah Infosolution and Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on his social media platform, facebook, still holding on to his dogged position that there was corruption about the contract.

According to “The Herald’s” sources inside the Flagstaff House, the Attorney General’s Department and GRA, the team concluded that the many media allegations spewed out last year against Subah Infosolution, that got civil society groups and individuals call for investigation into the contract, did not exist and was a figment of somebody’s imagination.

The company owned by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jospong Group of Companies, owners of waste management giant, Zoomlion Ghana, Joseph Siaw-Agyapog was, therefore, ordered to go ahead with its mandate of collecting revenue from the various telecommunication companies for government, who have in the past been shortchanging Ghanaians.

The team, is reported to have said that the contract was validly signed and continued that, if there was anything that was unusual about the contract, it may probably be the percentage Subah Infosolution was taken, but the team’s overall verdict was that because the agreement had already been signed, it could not reviewed it downward, until the current term expires, sometime next year.

The team as a result could not terminate the contract as some would have wanted. Government, The Herald heard was afraid to attract another judgment debt if the contract was terminated.

Following the clearance, the various telcos, who had earlier in their transactions with Subah Infosolution refused the company the audience to fix its equipment on their machines to record how much revenue is due government, have now agreed for the gadgets to be fixed.

Subah Infosolution, a relatively unknown company owned by Mr. Siaw-Agyapong, was engaged by the GRA to monitor and collect “Talk Tax”, which the GRA was collecting on behalf of the government. They were to find out whether the correct amount was being paid by the telecom companies namely; Tigo, Vodafone, MTN, Glo, Expresso and Airtel.

Months after monitoring the telecom companies, it emerged that they were shortcutting the state, after collecting the monies, revenue into state coffers rose tremendously.

But in October last year, news went viral after a so-called investigative piece conducted by the then Samuel Agyeman of Metro TV, was put on, claiming fraud had been perpetuated by Subah Infosolution and in active connivance with GRA to pay GH¢144 million to the company, for no work done.

Subah, was said to have been paid an average of GH¢4 million a month.

The investigative piece, which was never aired on the reporter’s station, but generated various interests, claimed that the GRA contracted the company somewhere in 2010 to electronically monitor revenue generated by telcos to enable them calculate and collect the right taxes from them. The contract was said to be worth $100 million per year.

However, after thorough probe by Attorney General and other experts at the instance of President John Mahama, it was concluded that the contract was valid and that it should not be abrogated.

The Flagstaff House, subsequently endorsed the probe with the telecom companies later allowing Subah access to its data, monitoring and the collection of the Talk Tax.

The President of IMANI Ghana who is linked to NPP, has started yet another smear campaign to discredit the operations of Subah Infosolution and GRA.
Below is a teaser he posted on his social media platform, facebook.

He starts……….

Another corruption matter still brewing: HERE ARE HIGHLIGHTS:
• A letter from the Ghana Revenue Authority, dated October 28, 2013, and addressed to Telcos is the first official correspondence introducing Messrs Subah Infosolutions to network operators.

QUESTION: 1 What were they doing all along since 2010 to earn ¢75Million, if they were to audit Telcos???
QUESTION 2: Why was Subah paid since 2010 when infact the LAW was passed in July 2013? [Parliament Approves Communication Service Tax (Amendment) Bill 2013]

• Telcos have never been involved in any litigation whatsoever with Messrs Subah Infosolutions.

HINT: {Telcos never knew them till this scandal broke out}

President ordered an investigation into the Subah/GRA Scandal.

We understand a committee report is out, Telcos who are key stakeholders in this matter weren’t consulted during the committee sittings

I have learned that the GRA is forcing Telcos to work with Subah ASAP, in fact they are pushing Telcos to allow Subah connect soon. {Why will an entity which appears to have already lost integrity be running audits for the GRA? what shows that a Telco can’t compromise Subah and flaw whatever audit they are rendering.

Meanwhile, The Herald is investigating claims that Subah Infosolution, sponsored a woman (name withheld), who works with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

She is said to have expressed interest in the contract, pushing a company she had interest in. Her company failed to meet the requirements and was denied the contract.

She later went fabricating stories.

More to come!

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