Francis Xavier Sosu Must Endear Himself To The People To Beat Madina ‘Mugabe’


I am writing this article, which is a piece of advice to Francis Xavier Sosu, first of all because I am looking forward to a day, when he will be the one representing the people of Madina in Parliament.

The second reason and which is personal is that, I am a resident of Madina and want what is best for that Constituency.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of interacting with some residents, not that, that was the first time, but what saddened me was a question; I have been asked months ago.

The question was, apart Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, the incumbent Member of Parliament, who has expressed interest to contest, who again is contesting the primaries on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)?

This is a common question and regular question in Madina, coming from people who are obviously tired with the incumbent MP, who is set to win the primary, if Francis Xavier Sosu does not avail himself to the people.

A co-tenant, who is part of the team taking part in the Biometric Registration exercise of NDC members, also saw me on Sunday evening and he also goes like, do I know the guy who is said to contest Amadu Sorogho? My answer was yes, I do in the media, because that is where He (Francis Xavier Sosu) is known to contest Madina Constituency.

Francis Xavier Sosu is a darling of the media, because of his philanthropic work through the pro- bono cases; he does for the vulnerable and poor in the society.

I applaud him and respect him for that, because whiles some of his learned friends are after money, he has dedicated himself to helping the needy in society, who have nobody to come to their aid.

This is somebody who was born with no silver spoon in his mouth, he had no shoes, whilst growing up, he struggled through life and with the help of some good people in society, coupled with his own resilience and determination to succeed, made it this far.

A lot is expected of him, especially from members of his family, who see in him as a ladder for most of them, but instead of putting his interest and the interest of his family, decided to defer his personal gratuity.

But he must realize that, politics is a different ball game, it is not practice by appearing as the weak, and elections are not won in the media, although the media plays a very important role in the life of every politician, as they help shape public opinion.

You must first of all endear yourself to the people, you wish to lead, they must accept you and then you canuse the media to make sure your message gets to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the jurisdiction, you wish to govern.

The two must work in tandem; you cannot be frolicking with the media to the neglect of the people, who are expected to cast their ballot for you.
The National Executive Committee of NDC has made his work very difficult, when it took a decision to allow every card bearing member of good standing in the party to vote in the November primaries.

This means a lot of people who are set to vote, will be called upon to make a choice between, who is lesser of the two evils, they will certainly settle for Amadu Sorogho, who has been nothing but a disaster.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), has elected a very formidable candidate in the name of Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, whose campaign machinery is already in motion, a lot of the people one speaks to, will tell you, they need someone who can give Alhaji Boniface a good run for his money, they don’t see that person in Francis Xavier Sosu, for very obvious reason, they don’t know him and certainly don’t know his capacity and capabilities.

From now till November is a very long time in the life of every politician, a lot can happen within these few months, he must kick the ground running, as we say in local parlance.

The people of Madina are yearning for change, they are optimistic about the future; they do not see Alhaji Amadu Sorogho in that future, I am even beside myself, why he still wants to put himself up for humiliation, because should he go on to win the primary, NDC, will lose that Seat.

The party, will not only lose the Seat, Alhaji amadu Sorogho, will be humiliated in the 2016 polls. Madina will witness skirt and blouse voting.
Francis Xavier is the hope of the Constituency; he is the hope of the party. I will be surprise if he did not carry out any research or survey to assess his chances before declaring to contest.

The outcome of such a survey, would have concluded that, the people of Madina are fed up with their Member of Parliament are yearning for change, this does not mean that, you can impose yourself on them, they must see you as someone who is equal to the task.

I am in pains, because if Francis does not wake up and start availing himself to the people, they (people), have only one choice in Amadu Sorogho, who is a non-starter, as far as Boniface in concern.

Because I work in the media, people see you and they think you have all the answers or you access to every politician in Ghana. I am always accosted and asked, when are we seeing that young man. We hear is a lawyer. It means they have a fair idea of who he is, but they do not know him and certainly can’t relate to him.

With the emergence of Francis Xavier, the lost glory of Madina can be restored again, the people can now hope for a better tomorrow, but that is
dependent on his preparedness to come out into the limelight and let the people know, who he is.

He is not a product to be launched by keeping the people in suspense, as say anytime I write about Madina, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, is the man to beat, anybody coming up against him in 2016, is coming as an underdog, who has a daunting task ahead.

I know what the mood on the ground is, what even people of good standing in Madina are doing to have Boniface elected, I hear what the youth are saying and so for Francis to be playing this hide and seek, I cry for him.

Good leaders serve as mentors to their subordinates as a result of which their footprints will be followed and the nation maintains its image in the eyes of the world. Such good and qualitative leaders are after the nation’s building and not to amass wealth.

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