Fox News Must Give Us A Break, We Are Saving Their Leaders


The United States of America (USA), House of Congress, voted unanimously to prevent their country from settling any of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

The House, was made up of representatives from both the Republican and Democratic party, following this decision, the President of the USA, Barrack Obama, who had earlier in his campaign in 2008 to close down the detention camp, had to look for allies of the USA, to accept the detainees, who have been kept against their will.

Ghana, being an ally of the US, since independence and in line with our human rights and democratic credentials, decided to accept two of the detainees, who were held for 14 years.

Since the two arrived in the country, Fox News, have chosen to launch blistering and unabated attacks on our generosity for accepting to host detainees.

If the detainees are made terrorists, it was because after September 11, 2001 attack of the World Trade Centre, their leaders decided to arrest and detain anybody who smells and look like a terrorist.

We deserve some respect and gratitude from the people at Fox News, who saw nothing wrong with their Congress voting not to rehabilitate any of their detainees in their country.

President George Walker Bush, invaded Iraq and ousted Saddam Hussein, with the pretext of that country building Weapons of Mass Destruction, later events proved that it was a lie.

The classified document that is informing the stance taken by Fox News, to the effect that the two detainees are high security risk, was prepared in 2007, going by all the things said about Saddam Hussein before the invasion of Iraq, can we safely assume that, the Bush administration concocted the risk level of the detainees just to justify their detention?

If we cannot be praised by Fox News for cleaning up the mess left behind by their government, they should not be fanning the already tense moments that Ghanaians find themselves in.

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