Foul Stench, Filth Swallows Tema Station Lorry Terminal


Foul stench and filth are gradually taking over the Tema Station lorry terminal in the Greater Accra Region, as a result of indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

The Herald can report that the lorry terminal in the hub of the Ministries area and the only lorry terminal that serve commuters from all walks of life in the city is sinking in filth.

The terminal, which shares a wall with the Madam Theodore Okoh Hockey Park is sinking as a result of the delays in the collection of filth generated by passengers and hawkers in the area.

The Herald can report that filth had been heaped at the entrance of the terminal, depicting a scenario of a dumping site, rather than a lorry terminal.
When The Herald contacted the Tema Station Welfare Chairman of the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU), to comment on the situation, Mr William Ocqaye said, the filth situation in the terminal keeps escalating due to the activities of some individuals in and around the area.

He said, the leadership of the union was reliably informed that some unscrupulous members of the public carry filth, they have generated in their homes and dump it in the terminal in the wee hours of the morning.

He said, leadership of the terminal has directed the guards to be on the lookout for such unscrupulous individuals, who by their activities contribute to the heap of filth in the terminal.

He warned that anybody accosted by the guards would be handed over to city guards of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to be prosecuted at the AMA’ s sanitation court.

We are reliably informed that some of the market women in the greenbelt area of the terminal, contribute to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the terminal he explained.

He said, interestingly these same market women have refused to pay the daily sanitation levy of fifty Pesewas for the collection of filth.

He said, the situation as it stands is manageable, because leadership has engaged two sanitation companies namely; Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Dakora Watse Management Services to manage the collection of filth in the terminal.

He said, hitherto the fifth was solely collected by Dakora but now that Zoomlion was brought on board, the situation had been remedied.
He appealed to the authorities to endeavour to speak with waste collectors to come and collect the filth on time.

He commended the city authorities for some of the proactive measures they have taken to have the gutters around the terminal desilted anytime it chokes.
He noted the weekly clearing of the gutters by Zoomlion, has helped in ameliorating the stench levels in the terminal.

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