Former Presidents Rawlings And Obasanjo Are Destroyers Of What They Built


Both former presidents, Jerry John Rawlings and Olusegun Obasanjo, are troubled souls. They have both chosen better ways to show that ungrateful nature at a time, when they are expected to be in retirement.

They are slugging it out in the mud, with no shame. At a time they are supposed to sit back and thank God for his bountiful favours on them, these two former leaders are trudging on the roads, swearing, lying and scheming to still remain relevant.

Yes,one at over eighty years and the other over seventy, these two fellows who are among the few that have been hugely favored by the inchoate people of both Ghana and Nigeria and who have made very bountiful, corrupt harvest from that fling of fortune, are still coveting political fortunes.

They are both desirous of remaining relevant through the backdoor.  More and more, we get to see them engaging in naked dance in the public space before their grandchildren.

Rawlings and Obasanjo, are two arrogant men, because they are spoiled children of fortune.

They greatest things fell into their laps.

These two former leaders share similar fate and character; they all came to power through the barrel of the gun, although under different circumstances.

While, Jerry John Rawlings overthrew a democratically elected government of Dr. Hilla Liman on December 31, 1979, the assassination of General Murtala Mohammed saw Obasanjo become the head of state for three years and seven months.

Jerry Rawlings in 1992, after 11 years of Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) rule, hanged his uniform and embrace democracy. This was after a referendum that gave birth to the fourth republican dispensation.

His counterpart in Nigeria, was dragged from his farm by some kingmakers, and forced to run for president for the 1999 general elections.

In 1999, Nigerians were eager to turn a new page after years of military dictatorship, they embraced Obasanjo in the hope that, he would guide Nigeria on her return to democracy and bequeath to the nation a compass for orienting herself on the journey. He had seemed fairly presidential: sober, studious and states-manly, when he was on his farm in Abeoukuta.

Both Jerry Rawlins and Obasanjo, are among the few leaders, who were thrown into jail and later came to rule their countries.

Jerry John Rawlings, founded the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a party he rode on to power, today, everything he stood for and for which many young Ghanaians rallied around, is being thrown to the dogs by the man himself.

He has lost the moral high ground he once upon a time championed and accused others of not having. He has become a proverbial monkey that sees no evil, hears no and speaks no evil, as far as the Akufo Addo government is concern.

He is instead fighting his own political party, tearing down the very house he built. He has accused every leader after him, calling some armed robbers. He has never for once accepted the fact that, the mess this country is in today, could be traced to him. Rawlings can do nothing, by way of penance or restitution, to make up for his damages, which will hang on him till he goes the way of all mortals.

Obasanjo in the run up to the 2015 election, held a press conference during which he publicly denounced his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Like Jerry Rawlings, this is the party that brought Obasanjo, who was broke from obscurity.

Today, after failing to control the PDP, he has formed another movement Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), a third force to the PDP and the All Progressive Congress (APC), Obasanjo claims this movement is going to rescue Nigeria from the two major parties.

Of all the leaders, who have contributed to the underdevelopment of Ghana and Nigeria and the impoverishment of the  people, President Jerry John Rawlings and Olusegun Obasanjo are the most hypocritical and hypercritical.

They both suffer from the excessive need to be seen and heard. Their behavior and attitude is the very definition of existential superiority: We are Rawlings and Obasanjo and you are not!

Rawlings and Obasanjo, are your typical insatiable, attention-starved masquerade. They are audaciously pretentious conmen.

Outside the corridors of power, they struggle like a fish out of water. They become irascible firebrands. Their eyes open to the pervasive human suffering in the environment.

Rawlings and Obasanjo are your quintessential African politicians. They are the major characters of the tragedy, but they are loath to reckon with their past. They never confront their demons and admit their failures. They externalize blame and sell themselves as the solution.

After both despoiling their countries from their respective corners, these folks do not retire. They do not vacate the public space. They are not content to enjoy the private paradises they built at the cost of the people’s misery.

Jerry Rawlings and Olusegun Obasanjo, should take a vow of seclusion and quietness. It’s double wickedness to foster a climate of suffering and detract their poor victims from imagining a better existence.

Fromer President Olusegun-Obasanjo

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