Former NDC Youth Organizer Cautions Youth In Politics


Mr Ludwig Hlodze, the former Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has asked the teeming youth yearning to go into politics, to disabuse their minds that, politics is about Siphoning State funds for personal gains.

He said, the youth at any given opportunity, must remain chaste in their dealings in politics.

He said, where as some of the youth hold this view, others enter into politics with the sole mindset of helping their country and bettering the lots of other youth.
He was quick to add that the latter is rare among the youth in politics.

Mr. Hlodze, made this comment at the twin book launch of Arnold Boateng, a youth activist of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Accra.

He said, the youth entrepreneur in Africa, lack the requisite capital to turn their dreams into fruition and there are a few who havesucceeded in this quest.
“There are limited career options for the young Africans who pursue Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The easy access to computers on the major cities of Africa is a plus to attainting this height”.

He stressed the low purchasing power to acquire personal computer, data and Applications (Apps) and low internet penetrations are the most deterring obstacles of the young African ICT student and graduate.

“I am a youth leader and a young entrepreneur for all this years, and I can confidently admit that the youth are the target groups in achieving the African dream, howbeit, this is easier said than done.

At the height of so many problems, the youth still have a rare chance of becoming great and achieving the African dream through diverse windows.

He admitted there was something unique about the African dream that must be fully appreciated.

These dreams are usually incubated and hatched at the youthful stages; African youth in their quest to attain various sustainable heights encounter hurdles or challenges.

He said the two books; “The African Youth question: issues, Actor and Solution is a well written book that goes beyond just listing the problems of the African youth but provide workable solution that a politician, policy makers and a Stakeholder can take and run with.

He said one and two chapters identify the roles of the political elites and the civil society organization in providing the right environment to realize their dream.
Three and four unveils the windows of opportunity for the youth to achieve his or her dream through politics and route of becoming a politician respectively.

He added the fifth chapter identifies the central aim of National Youth Policy and linked it to the challenges within “our society societies; and sixth chapter and seventh chapter educates the readers as to specific policies.

On his part, Arnold Boateng, the author of the two books, called on the youth in NPP to use the party structures to address their grievances.

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