Forex Trading To Eliminate ‘Sakawa’ Activities -Analyst


City Klass, a forex and commodity training institution in collaboration with Bastiat Ghana, says its research has revealed that 82 percent of the youth in the country, spend most of their time on social media doing nothing.

The institution which is seeking to train people in the forex and commodity trade, says it is about time people are made to know that they can use social media to generate employment on the various forex trading platforms available in the world.

The research says, instead of the youth making money legitimately on the internet through forex and commodities trading, because of lack of knowledge, they resort to the use of “Sakawa” to forcibly siphon forex from unsuspecting foreigners.

Dr. Emmanuel Tweneboa Senzu, Chairman of City Klass and the local representative of, said the use of the internet could yield legitimate money for the teeming unemployed youth in the country.

He said, all one need was a laptop or tablet and a very good internet service to be able to browse the internet to trade in forex and commodities.
This form of wealth creation, is not capital intensive as it also affords working people the opportunity to also make extra moneys with little
training in the sector.

City klass, has the capacity to study the market trends and predictions for users to make windfall in the forex and commodity trading.

He noted that all one need is the basic technical trading skills and predictions as a forex and commodity trader.

Trading in forex and commodity in the country is on the ascendency even though majority of Ghanaians have access to internet services in the country.

The ultimate focus of the institution is to assist and drive best technical traders in the electronic market to deepen the confidence of investors.
Forex and commodity trading is a means to empower volumes of the unemployed graduates that are churned out every year from the various universities in the country.

He explained that, even though there are risks involved in the forex trading markets, the risks have been mostly undermined by inexperience and the uncertainty of future predictions of complex economic markets.

These coupled with other matters could lead to a total loss of investments at any point and his institution seeks to address that with its training he said.

He concluded that the institution’s methods of market prediction to the future by predicting trends have an accurate 80 percent validity which is not common the trading platforms.

However, the institution would be organizing its maiden training programme at Regency Hotel on Saturday July 16, from 10 am to 4pm, where UK-based forex and commodity experts would assist in training participants.

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