Floods are threats to human security.


Ghana’s cities have been at the mercy of the weather anytime it rained.

In recent times, people have to lose their lives anytime there is downpour.

In  Dome where I live when it rains, people would have to be carried by taxi drivers .It is very painful and pathetic to lose such productive lives to rains which are suppose to be a blessing.

Though natural disasters are bound to happen, human actions and inactions compound its severity and its frequent occurrence. Apart from the rains, the spillages of the Bagre Dam from neighbouring Burkina- Faso is also causing havoc in the northern part of the country; washing away bridges and cutting communities from accessing essential services like health and negative n; destroying sources of livelihood in the process.

As a result of this spillage, coupled with the rains ,the sources of drinking water of the affected communities, have been polluted and water borne disease are eminent.

The perennial floods are threat to our human security; the perennial occurrence turn to negative government intervention s to alleviate the plight of vulnerable and poor communities, there by deepening poverty in the country.

Certainty, the contractors in Ghana do shoddy work and lack of proper supervision by public official s are the cause of these weak bridges that are swept away by the floods.

The Northern  Regional Minister, Sawed Salifu , has expressed concern that the heavy rains, could pose a threat to food  security in the Northern region ,a food basket  to a country.

A lot of farmers in the region and across the country, are being supported under the Planting for food and jobs.

An agriculture productivity and increase the incomes of the rural population who rely on agriculture for livelihoods. It is sad to hear that their efforts are going down the drain.

Often, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)  is called upon to deliver humanitarian relief to victims of  natural  disaster, as it  is occurring now with floods.

According to NADMO, occurring floods are of huge task. No amount of humanitarian relief from NADMO can touch the heart of all the victims of the natural disaster.

Personally,  I think the Sustainable Development Goals  a gender that the Ministry of inner cities and Zongo Development has been created to help fashion  out  appropriate policies to address the challenges  of inner cities and Zongo communities..We need proactive  steps to find lasting  solutions to perennial  problems that is threatening our existence.


By: Henrita  Mantey



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