Floods After Downpour: A News Appearing Old


Oh Ghana, I see it no news to what I hear after a heavy downpour. I can’t get my head around it. What haven’t I heard after heavy downpours? What’s so new this time? It’s becoming a lifestyle and I am getting comfortable with it. I sit and analyze our environment and I shake my head. What do we see when we travel the western side, is this how their environment looks like? I marvel. The fight for more drainage systems isn’t the call for the government only but to everyone. We are in a democratic state and everyone is involved in governance, so why do we leave most of the duties to the government? Why do we sometimes think the government is the one to solve all our problems? I can’t stop asking the questions and I know I will seldom get answers.

Our irresponsibility in the society is killing us yet we act and live like everything is fine. Just look at how are drainage systems are handled, you will have sympathy and even cry. Oh Ghana, who has bewitched us? This problem with drainage systems and floods has been there since Adam yet every year we celebrate our independence. What are we celebrating? The question I will never get an answer to. We see open gutters, we witness people drop trashes into the gutter and yet we act like everything is fine.

I first loved my country, it’s solely what I loved but as I am growing and understanding the state of our country to the extent at how poor are environment is being handled, I cry. We are struggling to even end ‘galamsey’ and our very own gutters, the gutters that will take away most of our domestic waste, the gutters that will ensure a neat environment, the gutters that will make our homes appear attractive, the disguised saviour that makes us look neat is being handled with low care and trashed.

I have heard more about floods in Ghana and even been a victim, mostly after heavy downpour, definitely there will be bad news and we are being granted with some aid to help construct more drainage systems, where does the money goes to? The question which wouldn’t be answered. Since 2001 till now, we have received many international grants and aids to help our environment, we smell just the aroma of the food and we don’t see the food itself.

Whether, it is the duty of the government or not, the call for flood control is for everyone.

We cannot always wait to blame the government after something appalling occurs.

Our ignorance and behavior, is eradicating us from the face of the earth bit by bit.

If we don’t act as a society to end some things, the very things we ignore, will end us.

Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Level 300

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