Flaunting Your Love In Public Childish : Lil Win


Kumawood’s Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lilwin is of the view that ones love life should be kept private and that it is childish for one to put his/her love life out there.

Lilwin in an interview on Showbiz said;“Every relationship has its ups and downs and talking about it on social media or any other platform will not result in the problems being resolved.

“To me, no sane married couple will go their separate ways if everything is going on well with them. So giving details about what led to the divorce is unnecessary and unwise. The public won’t solve your marriage issues for you but rather mock you”.

“Look, if President Nana Addo is to give everyone the free will to divorce today, I am sure the whole country wouldn’t be able to contain the divorce rate because almost everyone has a problem with their relationship. Even the happiest couples on earth have it rough sometimes”, Lilwin added.

Touching on his breakup with his ex-lover, Patricia Afriyie over cheating allegations, he added that; “I didn’t see why I had to explain myself to Ghanaians because no one knew what we were going through. I always say that women who quickly run to the media with their marital or relationship issues face the consequences later.

“I will never marry or go out with any woman who puts her issues out there for everyone to say any ‘silly’ thing about”.

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