Flagstaff Man Bolts With US$95, 000 Fresh Toyota Land Cruiser


Owners of Car Court, a garage company in Kotobaabi –Accra, are in a desperate state seeking the whereabouts of a staff of the Presidency, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, who they are accusing of absconding with a fresh Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vehicle he purchased from them on credit, but has refused to pay for.

Hopeson Yovi Adorye

Hopeson, who is the Security Coordinator at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) VIP Section, is said to have used the sickness and subsequent death of his wife, as an excuse to evade his financial obligation. Attempts to locate him, has proven futile as he has refused to pick calls and several visits to his office, have also been fruitless.

The airport, especially the VIP section is a security zone, and Hopeson, has been hiding behind this to prevent those he owe from having access to him.

The embarrassing situation, has left many asking how a man with integrity issues, will be put in-charge of a crucial security facility as the VIP section of the KIA. There are fears that he could be compromised by with money.

The Herald, was informed, Hopeson purchased the vehicle at a cost of Ninety Five Thousand United Sates Dollars (US$95, 000) on April 25, 2017, but the politician, who appears to have taste for good things, has refused to make payment and been dodging officials of the car dealership.

According to owner of Car Court, Edmund Osei Kofi, the agreement between the two parties was that, Mr Adorye, defrays the US$95, 000 cost within a period of three months, that same year.

His first payment of US$32, 000 was expected to be made on May 25, 2017, while the second amount of US$32, 000 was to be settled on June 25, 2017.

The two dates, per Edmund Osei Kofi’s narration, elapsed but Hopeson, who is also a member of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Communication team, didn’t pay a dime.

Thenext payment of $31, 000 which was to be made on July 25, 2017, was also not honoured. Aside money for registering the vehicle, nothing else was paid.

Hopeson, who reports directly to the Office of the President through the National Security Secretariat, presently drives the vehicle registered, GE-2825-17.

“We asked him to give us a cheque for the first and second payment, but he didn’t. He asked us to give him a little more time because he was tight up as his wife was sick in Germany, and pleaded that we allow him to go and see her so we agreed”.

But all efforts to get the politician, who is set to marry gospel musician, Gifty Osei any moment from now, has blatantly refused to settle his debt.

“He was confronted after we allowed for some time to take care of his domestic matters, but yet still he refused to pay even after the wife died. Not even a pesewa has been paid. He hasn’t given me even $1 as we speak neither has he called me.”

According to the company, numerous visits to the airport with Hopeson’s friend, one Bismark  (Guarantor), who led him to the company to purchase the vehicle, were unsuccessful.

He said, Hopeson, has resort to playing hide and seek with the company as anytime they went to the KIA, they were told he was not present.

“You go to his office and you are told his not around. We have been to his office with a mutual friend, Bismark, who brought him here to buy the car and another man from Kumasi, Nana Kwarteng, but he is still playing adamant”.

Mr Osei, who brought out a written document of the agreement showing Mr Adorye’s signature, said the politician wants to use his current political position given to him by President Nana Akufo-Addo, to bully his way through by not paying for the vehicle but he vowed to ensurethat does not happen.

Shocked at his behaviour, Mr Osei, also known as Boakye, wondered why an appointee of the President, will choose to behave in this way, to disgrace Nana Akufo-Addo and his government.

“He feels because of his position at the VIP section of the airport, he doesn’t want to pay.If I go to his office and he is even around they will tell me he’s not there. I don’t know the whereabouts of the car too. I have no idea if he has sold it or he is still using it.

Already, Car Court, has contracted a debt collecting agency, Express Consult, which is working to get the NPP communicator, to settle his debt.

This paper was further informed that Express Consult, has proceeded to court, and it has been given a ruling.

Meanwhile, when the Herald reached Mr Adorye on phone on Saturday, he confirmed that he bought the said vehicle, but said it was no news, because he has already said it on television and on radio.

Mr Adorye, sounded very rude when the issue of the vehicle was mentioned. He got infuriated in the less than two minutes interview, when he was asked, if it was true that he hadn’t paid.

“But this thing, I said it on TV, I have said it on radio, so what is it? Yes, I bought it but that one is Herald the one going to pay? You can go ahead and publish it,” he retorted rudely before hanging up in a disrespectful manner.





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