‘Flagstaff House Supporting My Galamsey Business’


….Untouchable Lebanese Illegal Miner Brags About Links &Bribery

A Lebanese national, said to be one of the kingpins deeply involved and bankrolling the illegal mining activities, commonly called “Galamsey” has been captured on tape, making startling revelation that, the seat of government; the Flagstaff House, now ‘Jubilee House’ is backing his illegal mining activities, despite the ban on the menace.

The Lebanese, whose name was given as, Mr Yahaya, also mentioned that aside the presidency,his connections with top officers of the Operation Vanguard, boasting he has been inducing the security men to allow him engage in his illegal business which has led to the destruction of many forests reserves and pollution of several water bodies in the country.

“You know Vanguard was there, [the leader] he is my very good friend. If I knew he was there, for three months I can work nobody will disturb me. But now, they have moved him from there. So, if I finish with you and I finish with Vanguard, then I take ‘go ahead’ from Accra, I don’t have any problem”.

In the 4minutes 25seconds video filmed by an undercover investigator, the galamsey kingpin was heard telling a concessioner that, he has very good connections at the presidency and nobody can stops him from doing the illegal mining, after payment is done.

It is unclear the exact location where the video was taken, but the Lebanese illegal miner was heard bragging, “As for connections, I have…I have very good connections, nobody can disturb me”.

The surfacing of this video tape and the revelations seem to have confirmed several reports accusing government officials of being involved in the galamsey.

It called into question, President Akufo Addo’s promise and commitment to fight the canker, particularly so when the minority, as well as section of the public, have blamed his government for throwing dust in the eyes of Ghanaians over the fight against galamsey menace.

Surprisingly, when asked how he would manage to acquire permits from regulatory agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  to start operation, he told the undercover investigator not to worry, but should simply provide him with the EPA boss’number and he would be summon to the presidency.

He said, “Just give me the [EPA] boss’ number and don’t worry. I will let them [the boss] come to the Flagstaff House. Don’t worry, as for connections, I have. I have my very good connections”.

According to him, even now, he is working on another forest at Bepontintin forest reserve in the Western Region. Mr. Yahaya further noted that he was in partnership with the infamous Aisha Huang, the Chinese lady who was earlier accused of being the leader of some Chinese galamseyers in the country

“You know my partner, she is the one working there three years, and she knows everybody there”, he confessed.

The Lebanese galamsey kingpin indicated that, if the deal is successful and he is coming to start the operation, he would bring a total of ten excavators.

“And if I’m there, I’m going to bring more than ten (10) brand new excavators only for this one (project).   I know for this one, this land is good”

He disclosed his Ghanaian identity by opening his bag and pulled out his Ghanaian passport to the amazement of the undercover investigator.

He claimed that he was born in Ghana, before he left to his home country, and therefore, “If somebody wants to disturb you, I can help you”, he told the middleman.

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