Flagstaff House Sponsoring “Gangster” As Okuapem Overlord


The Okuapehene Akyeamehene (Chief Linguist) for the Akuapem Traditional Area, Nana Aduna II, has warned the Area would not crown just anybody as its Paramount Chief.

The warning is coming on the heels of reports that, the seat of government; The Flagstaff, is fielding a 37-year old candidate to succeed the late Okuapemhene, Oseadeayo Addo Dankwa III.

Although, a royal, Kwesi Kesse, has pierced his ears and tattooed his body; things which disqualifies him from ascending the throne as Okuapemhene – one of the respected traditional leaders in Ghana.

Unconfirmed reports are that, he spent some time in an American jail. According to the Chief Linguist, regardless of attempts by some unscrupulous individuals to thwart the preparation and installation of the next Omanhene, they are still going to go strictly by the dictates and tradition bequeathed to them by their ancestors, to choose a credible person most deserving of the land.

Nana Aduna II, said this at a media briefing on the status of selection and installation of the 26th Okuapehene (Paramount Chief of Akuapem) at Akropong on Tuesday in the Eastern Region.

Asked what elders look for in their leader, he said among others, “We look for a fit, proper and suitable candidate in all aspects because that person is coming to lead us and we expect that, there will be a certain level of maturity as well sense in the head”.

His comment comes on the heels of skirmishes by some individuals, who attempted to disrupt some aspect of the processes leading to the installation of a new Okuapehene at Akropong on December 5, 2017.

It is alleged that, Director of Research at the Flagstaff House, Victor Newman, together with his wife Akosua Newman, who works at the office of the First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo, are the one sponsoring Kwesi Kesse.

While the press conference was on-going, some town folks who thronged the Palace to listen periodically shouted “Choosing a king is not done at the flagstaff house“

It was the Bermuhene that led faction with the backing of the Flagstaff House stormed the Okuapemhene Palace at Akropong to slaughter a ram to signify the commencement of a process to install another Omanhene. Their action according to chiefs and elders, is an abomination and unacceptable.

The said Kesse, according to insiders could have possibly passed as the next Omanhene, but for the tattoos and the ear piercing he has on his body which disqualifies him automatically.

It is completely against the tradition of the Akan people to have their chiefs with scars, but in his case, he has funny tattoos, which is also seen as akin to the customs.

Additional information is that Kesse, lives outside the shores of Ghana, but has been brought home specifically to ascend the vacant seat.

Nana Bermuhene and his followers, were said to have broken into the palace of Okuapeman and vandalized many items including metallic gates. Their action which other chiefs described as unacceptable, is being looked into by the Police.

The Herald is informed that, the vandalism, will be the main issue of discussion when the Traditional Council meets on December 22, 2017 with the appropriate punishment meted out to the perpetrators.

On plans towards the installation of the new Omanhene, Nana Aduna II, disclosed that, plans are far advanced, adding a successor, Odehye Kwasi Akufo (yet to pick his stool name) has already been chosen by the Abrewatia (Queenmother) and he has been confined at Adum, hence going through the necessary traditional rites.

The selection of  a new paramount chief is as a result of the demise of Nana Oseadeeyo Addo Dankwa III, over two years ago.

The Omanhene whose funeral is yet to be performed was followed by the then Abrewatia  Okuapehemaa Nana Dokua I, immediately after his burial.

This, according to the Akyeamehene delayed the process of selecting a replacement, since per Akan tradition; it is the queen mother that chooses Omanhene.

However, having satisfied the rules by installing a new queen mother, Nana Nketia Obuo II, the way has been paved for the next Omanhene to be installed.

Other chiefs who flanked the Akyeamehene, in turns refuted claims that there was a faction which is working to frustrate their work.

According to them, those who caused the disruption were people who have no mandate whatsoever to engage in that act, promising they will be dealt with accordingly.

 “There is supreme law of the land and so everything that we do, is enshrined in the law. Because of that, the law defines who must have what role and to what limit and to what extent to play your role.

The legal body responsible for chieftaincy is the traditional council. Our attention, has been brought to the breaches that the people actually vandalized the palace.

It is against the land to enter into any premises without any lawful permission, and so, that will be dealt with on that level, by the Traditional Council”, said Nana Kwaw Kuturuku V, Frankahene of Akuapem.

He continued that “there’s going to be a meeting on the 22 to see what happened and then dish out the proper punishment to those who must be punished, it cannot be tolerated.

In fact, Okuapeman in this whole region, is one of the most peaceful communities in Ghana and we are not going to compromise on that.

So the paramountcy and the standing committee, shall meet at the traditional council on the 22 and issue a strong communiqué, to the press and to everybody”.


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