Flagstaff House Man Shreds Self-Opinionated Journalist


A Presidential Staffer, has advised a colleague journalist with the Global Media Alliance’s (GMA), to work at becoming more popular with his show on television, instead of concentrating all his attention on social media platform; Facebook and also on the President, John Dramani Mahama.

Without mincing words, James Agyenim-Boateng of the Office of the Vice President, spent the better part of last Sunday and Monday on the Asylum Down based ETV’s presenter, Kwame Gyan, teaching him how to do his job as a television host, so as to attract more viewers to his “State of the Nation” programme on the TV station, whose owner Edward Boateng, is a member of the Nana Akufo-Addo’s 2016 Campaign Team led by Peter Mac Manu.

James told the self-opinionated journalist, to concentrate on mastering his “skill” on the mass media platform offered him, instead social media.

Mr. Gyan, who the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters, especially those on social media, have accused as a core supporter of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a result of his frequent jabs at President Mahama, had hit at people in the president household for leaking a video and pictures of him riding on a motorbike.

The journalist was of the opinion that, information that the president often rides a motorbike, was unnecessary for public consumption.

“First of all, there was absolutely no need to disclose to the public that His Excellency the President, had hopped onto a motorbike for whatever reason”, he expressed in a post.

The former Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the telecom company; Airtel, saw it as infantile, if the pictures and videos, were deliberately released by the Flagstaff House.

“If, however, it wasn’t leaked, then the thinking behind it is very infantile at best. And from what I’m told JM rides often, so why make today’s pubic? He questioned.

In his thinking, the Head of Security, should have stopped him from doing so, because the president endangered his life and as a president, he did not own his life.

“That’s why the Head of Security-whoever it is, can and should have stopped him from doing so since he endangered his life, and we should not have even known that he was out there on a bike anyway”.

He had earlier mentioned James in his first post on the issue at 16:46 saying “James Agyenim-Boateng, you needn’t have commented on the Presidential Ride. Sometimes a moment of silence is a better PR alternative”.

Having mentioned James’ name as one of the party folks leading the defense of the President’s motorbike riding, the former Deputy Minister Of Information obviously did not liked Kwame’s position, and so issued the first salvo on Kwame’s post saying “ignore Kwame Gyan”.

But James later came hard at the television host saying “truth is that you get away with a lot of gibberish! You’re not getting away with this one. What makes you think that you’re right and all of us who published the President’s bike photos are wrong?

James, followed up again, by sharing a bare-chested picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, riding a horse saying, “Elsewhere, Vladimir Putin bares his chest! And it is precisely one of the reasons why I’m ignoring the nonsense on stilts by Kwame Gyan and treating him with the contempt that he deserves”!

After that post came some 45 comments from sympathizers of the major political parties, including another Staffer, Stan Xoese Dogbe and Member of Parliament (MP) for La, Nii Amasah Namoale and Kwame Gyan himself.

But James came back asking “what if the President’s bike photo had been a flight deck (cockpit) or horseback photo” sharing pictures of US president, Barack Obama to support his claim.

On Monday at exactly 19:05, James released the last salvo telling his entangled friend, he is not one of the top 10 television talk show hosts in the country, and rhetorically asked “how many people know of Kwame as a television host, aside his acerbic infantile effusions on Facebook?

The post which generated some 80 comments with 78 likes said “and he’s not even counted as part of the top 10 TV talk show hosts!

He continued, “Isn’t it ironic that despite being a mass media practitioner, he’s known more on Facebook than on television?

The former broadcast journalist concluded, “You’re probably the only TV presenter with more “popularity” (?) on Facebook than on television. Man, perfect your skill!”

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