Flagstaff House Guards Arrested For Armed Robbery


Two young men, stationed at the ceremonial gates of the Flagstaff House, have been arrested by the Legon Police Station for armed robbery.

Multiple Identification cards, were found on one of them, showing he was a security detail in the Office of the President with the operations unit.

But media reports, said they were recruited by Captain Koda, to man the seat of government, Flagstaff House.

The arrests come less two months after The Herald reported a robbery incident in the home of Retired Captain Edmund Kwadwo Koda, a top security aide to President Akufo-Addo, where he was robbed off an amount of GH¢800,000 by some security personnel in the office of the President, said to be members of the NPP Invincible Forces.

The Police say the two, were arrested in connection with series of robberies at Legon last Sunday night, in which they allegedly robbed and raped their victims, including a 75 year-old woman.

Issah Muniru, one of the robbers, had a Flagstaff House Identification Number FSH/TEMP/18/134 and is stationed with the operations team.

Media reports are that Captain Koda has been to the East Legon Police Station to have the young men released to him “for internal punishment and disciplining”, while the policemen at the station are said to be waiting for superior orders before they can release the two young men.

Our checks, before going to press, said while the story is true, indications are that the government of President Akufo-Addo has already taken serious consideration of security breaches that has become one too many under the current dispensation.

Claims are that government has commissioned an undertaking of a rigorous background checks of all casual and permanently employed personnel recruited from the party pool into government, particularly the seat of government, Flagstaff House, as part of measures to address such developments.

Monday, May 7, 2018 edition of The Herald reported that the security capo was robbed at gunpoint by armed robbers in his Weija house, which the Akufo-Addo administration was trying to cover up.

“The robbers were said to have expressed shock, seeing the amount of money the ex-army captain was keeping at home. The robbers were said to have daringly identified themselves as members of the pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) Invincible Forces”, a portion of the publication read.

In an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Monday’s edition of ‘Kokrokoo’ programme on Peace FM, Captain Koda, denied the publication as spurious.

“It is not true . . . In the first place I don’t stay at Weija and where I stay currently; there has not been any robbery”, he said.

To him, Larry Alans Dogbey, the source of the story is ‘not fit to be an editor’ and further asserted that if the publication is part of an agenda set by the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC), ‘it will not work’.

However, the Editor of the paper insists the story is true.

Speaking on the same platform, Monday, he suggested the incident is being covered up, because it will be ‘embarrassing’ and an indictment on the part of Captain Koda to admit that he was robbed, especially being a security kingpin to the first gentleman of the land.

“I am not surprised he is denying the publication . . . there is no doubt about the source of this story. You can check and crosscheck . . . it is a story that is known to a lot of people inside the Flagstaff House (the seat of government),” he added.

According to this paper, they were informed by multiple sources at the Jubilee House and the National Security Secretariat-Blue Gate, that the robbers numbering about 12 and riding motorbikes, made away with a whopping sum of GH¢800,000 from the house.

They also shot a brother in-law of Captain Koda in the arm, before fleeing with their booty.


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