Five Workouts That Burn 100 Calories In 10 Minutes



You’re feeling guilty. Maybe you shouldn’t have had that extra cookie, and you could have asked for skim milk in your latte — but you didn’t.

There’s nothing you can do about it now except help ease some of that guilt by taking 10 minutes out of your day to get in a quick workout. Choose the right activities, and you could burn 100 calories in no time. So on days where you just want to have that extra cookie, you can.

Try one of these 10 minutes workouts that will burn 100 calories.

1. Jump Rope Drills
Inspired by a Shape workout, all this 10-minute routine requires is a jump rope. It’ll burn calories, improve your agility, and tone your legs, rear, shoulders, and arms.
• For the first minute, jump rope at an easy, moderate pace.
• The second minute is dedicated to the crossover jump, where you cross your arms in front of you while the rope is in the air.
• Back to an easy, moderate jump rope pace for three minutes.
• For the fourth minute, do a ladder drill — this is where you’ll fold the jump rope and make a horizontal line on the ground. Start behind the left end of the line and quickly step over the rope. Lift it again, moving the down the rope in a zigzag pattern.
• The fifth minute is all about boxer jumps. For this, you’ll keep your weight on your heels and jump putting one foot out in front of you at a time.
• Back to an easy jump for the sixth minute.
• Use your jump rope skills to jump forward and back for the seventh minute. This requires you twirl the rope, while hopping back and forth over an imaginary line.
• The eighth minute is all about jump rope lunges where you do normal jumping lunges while adding a twirl of the rope while in the air.
• Last one, back to an easy jump for the final minute of this workout.

2. Running
According to About, simply running for 10 minutes, which should equate to around a mile, will quickly burn a cool 100 calories.

3. Super Sprints
“Run your buns off in just 10 minutes with this quick interval-running routine that you can do without a treadmill, indoors or out,” writes Shape.
• Start the first minute with an easy jog.
• Minute two is all about butt-kickers. Kick your heels toward your glutes, pumping your arms back and forth as quickly as possible.
• Sprint for as long and hard as you can, up to one minute, for minute three of your workout.
• Recover. Take your pace to a walk or easy jog for the fourth minute.
• Minute five is dedicated to the tire run where you’ll stand with your feet wider than hip width. Pump your arms and drive your knees up and to the side, keeping your feet wide as fast as you can.
• Sprint for as long as you can during minute six.
• Spend minute seven recovering with a walk or easy jog.
• Minute eight is going to be high knees — drive your knees as high up toward your chest as you can, driving your arms with your legs.
• Back to a full sprint for minute nine.
• Spend minute 10 with a cool down. Walk or jog at an easy pace.

4. Ride a Bike
“If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the roads aren’t icy, go for a brisk bike ride; cycling at a pace of 14 to 16 miles per hour will burn 104 calories in 10 minutes,” according to Fit Sugar.

5. Tone and Tighten Routine
Follow this 10-minute routine by Tone and Tighten to get the most out of a quick workout. Spend a minute on each of the following:

• Jog in place
• Do jumping jacks
• Minute three is all about abs — do as many crunches as you can
• Push yourself with push-ups
• Deep squats
• Follow with burpees (squat-thrust-jumps)
• High knees
• Focus on butt kicks
• Jog in place
• Cool off with an easy walk

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