First Lady Participates In UK Parliamentary Reception


First Lady, Lordina Mahama, has participated in a parliamentary reception at the House of Lords, held by GAVI and the Forum for African First Ladies against breast and cervical cancer to highlight the burden of cervical cancer in developing countries.

The event also touched on how investments in HPV vaccines can make a difference to improve health and economic outcomes for women and girls.
The HPV forum and parliamentary session was hosted by the government of the United Kingdom and the Global Alliance and Vaccine Immunization, GAVI on the theme, “investing in a healthy future for women and girls”.

Member of the House of Lords, Lord Paul Boateng, who welcomed the guests, commended the First Ladies of Ghana and Mozambique for the extent of work done in championing the use of vaccines to prevent cervical cancers.

The First Ladies then took turns to share experiences from their respective countries on the state of cervical cancer.

First lady of Mozambique, Dr. Maria da luz Dai Guebuza, said her country has launched immunization projects in three districts and is committed
to do more to fight cervical cancer.

First lady of Ghana, Lordina Mahama, citing the spate of deaths recorded in the world and in Ghana due to lack of access to healthcare and the late seeking of treatment said Ghana cannot continue to watch her women who contribute greatly to the workforce and economy lose their lives to
cervical cancer hence the need for the intervention.

“…because women are the major contributor to farm labour, the benefits of improving women’s health in Ghana is of importance to the Government”.
While thanking GAVI for its continuous support to Ghana in the provision of HPV vaccines, the First Lady, said government is committed to ensure timely access to treatment of cervical cancer in line with objective seven of Ghana’s health care programme.

“Government will continue to ensure timely access to treatment for cervical cancer patients. This is very much in line with Objective Seven (7) of Ghana’s 2010 Healthcare Programme of Work, which is to “Control non-communicable diseases, ensure their proper management, and promote healthy lifestyle””.

Liberal democrat and government spokesperson in the House of Lords on international development, Baroness Lindsay Patricia Northover commended the two first ladies for the tremendous work done and said the government of the United kingdom will continue to support GAVI which would in turn provide funds for developing countries.

GAVI’S objective is to vaccinate 30 million girls and women in developing countries who suffer and die most from cervical cancer.
The forum continued with deliberations on policies to help fight cervical cancer and a commitment by members to champion it.

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