Fire Service Caught In Secret Recruitment Exercise



Intelligence picked up by The Herald suggests the Ghana National Fire Service, is involved in a secret recruitment exercise on the blind side of the public.

This paper is informed that, the exercise is strictly under the command and control of the Interior Ministry and had seen a list coming from that ministry spelling out  who and who to recruit. The exercise has been ongoing in Accra.

The normal process of advertisement in the newspapers for prospective recruits to buy application forms upon meeting the requirements; both physical and educational, were side stepped in the ongoing exercise, leaving many officers who had gone through that process many years ago, in total surprise and angry.

Insiders mentioned that, a list of 650 people came from the Ministry of Interior, and on Wednesday, some officers were at the Prisons Training School at Roman Ridge in Accra, carrying out the government instruction to get them quickly processed and sent to the Fire Service Training School in James Town Accra.

The Herald is informed that, on Wednesday, all the 650, could not be processed, and the rest are to report tomorrow; Saturday for the medical exercise to continue.

Additional information is that at the Fire Service Training School, they will be made to do a month’s training exercise, instead of the mandatory six-months.

The Herald is further informed that, currently there are Fire Officer at various stations, who have not undergone the mandatory training exercise and might be found wanting when there is an emergency.

But The Herald is informed that, the secret recruitment is not peculiar to the Fire Service, and that Ghana Police Service and even the Ghana Armed Forces, had seen people sometimes without certificate, being sent to carry out medicals examinations for them to be trained as police officer and soldiers, respectively.

This paper had in the past few week, been inundated with phones calls and reports of how the Manpower Department of Ghana Armed Forces is sending people to 37 Military Hospital to be medically certified for recruitment as soldiers.

Interestingly, the institution has not in recent times, run adverts in the newspapers on recruitment.

Some of the people, who were questioned about how they had come to the hospital, admitted they never applied to join the Force, but only got called and told to report for medical examination at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

The more bizarre story is that, most of them did not know whether they had met the educational requirements to be enlisted, because they had not seen their certificates at the time they got called to report for the medicals.


More to come!

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