Financial Rape At Gbewaa Training College, School Boils


……As Arrogant Principal Runs For Cover.

Ussain Bold, would have unwillingly relinquish his world enviable title, should he have been employed by angry blood thirsty ‘teachers’ of the outer-East PUSIGA-TOGO border town college to run after their retiring principal for their [teachers] allowances that has allegedly  been squandered by school authorities.

2019 batch of teacher trainees of the Gbewaa teacher training college in the Upper East Region, are accusing school authorities of illegally deducting their trainee allowances.

This paper is reliably informed that each student has been short changed to the tune of [GHS 304] three hundred and Four Ghana cedis under unexplained circumstances.

The affected ‘teachers’ told upper East Regional correspondent of The Herald newspaper,  Abugri Sumaila Haruna, that whiles their counterparts in other schools are taking home GHS 784[seven hundred and eighty four Ghana cedis] each, they are paid GHS 345 [ Three hundred and forty-five Ghana cedis].

“My brother, am confused. Just look at the differences.  What crime have we committed to deserve this treatment? It is very bad, they must vomit our monies for us at all cost”, cried one of them.

Insiders told this paper that, same thing occurred last year and if care is not taking, it will soon be a phenomenon. They are thus asking for a total stop to the pilfering canker.

With days of monitoring events relative to this story, this paper has come across some affected teachers unzipping venom, acidic saliva and curses on school authorities. “In fact, Allah is zooming them! Thunder won’t miss them at all, at the right time!! Nonsense! Another one added “an institution led by wicket and evil leaders will never develop”.

Affected incoming teachers, told this paper that no consultation whatsoever has been entered between them and the school. Reasons for which they are pushing for justice. “Why should you deduct my money without my concern? This is barbaric” another teacher trainee fumed.

Similar copious unkind words, that however cannot be reproduce here can be scanned through as this paper snaked into a page designed for the struggle of retrieving their monies.

Tempers are indeed high as the teachers are unwilling to forgive school authorities over the saga.

Students representative council’s executives, this paper is told was nearly manhandled by the school principal when they [SRC] approached them [authorities] over the “illegal deduction” issue.

Interestingly, the principal, Dr. David Ayaaba, said to be retiring next year, told upper East Regional correspondent, Abugri Sumaila Haruna via phone, that he is not aware of the issue and wondered why he is hearing it from the media.

“If there is an issue, they should approach me. They have not done that and they reporting the matter to you. They have to exhaust all internal matters before going to the media. I can’t explain anything to you. “.  He said, as he angrily hanged up the call.

As of press time, efforts to contact the regional director of education prove futile, as calls placed to his MTN number went unanswered.




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