FDA Alerts The Pubic On Dangerous Beef From Zambia


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is warning unsuspecting members of the public against the influx of a beef product named ZAMBEEF imported into the country from Zambia.

Checks by the Authority, indicates that the ZAMBEEF contains a high concentration of Aldehydes, a type of chemical used in embalming dead bodies, which is highly hazardous to humans.

ZAMBEEF products PLC, is a fully integrated agric-business operating in Zambia, Nigeria and here in Ghana.

According to the FDA if the product is consumed, it can also cause organ cancer.

Though the Authority’s investigations have revealed that the product is yet to be imported into the country, it is cautioning the public, especially businesses from the importation, sale and distribution of this beef from the company.

A statement signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority, Dr Stephen Opuni indicated that it would greatly welcome any information by the public to compliment the mandate of the Authority.

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